They encourage women to reinvent their business using a digital approach

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They encourage women to reinvent their business using a digital approach
They encourage women to reinvent their business using a digital approach

If there is one line of business that has been badly hit during this health crisis, it is women-run businesses. Although there was already a significant gap with men, the pandemic has made the roles of women increasingly difficult, who are now required to play more roles at the same time.

The main challenge for women entrepreneurs this year has been to keep jobs alive and to take full advantage of technology to survive or grow. For this reason, Mexican Association of Women Business Managers (AMMJE) prepared his Annual business summit under the topic “Digital Disruption”, which will take place digitally on November 25th.

The meeting takes place as part of the 55th anniversary of the founding of AMMJE and aims to bring entrepreneurs and business people from all over Mexico and Latin America together through a digital platform to find new business opportunities in the face of the new reality.

During the presentation of the event, Marisol Rumayor Siller, Director of ship at AMMJE realized that eight out of ten companies lost their income or had to close during these months of the pandemic. Between 20 and 30% were companies run by women. In addition, physical and economic violence against women increased by 40%.

In response, the AMME 2020 Business Summit tries to provide the knowledge and tools to achieve the digital transformation of business and thus the integration of new technologies in all areas of its companies. The aim is to survive in this constantly changing economic environment, to find new opportunities and to be successful.

International summit alliance

This year the AMMJE Business Summit will have an international impact due to its alliance with the Chilean Chamber of Business Women, which organizes the AMMJE Business Summit International Summit Women and Business 2020, So there will be a proliferation and participation of business women from across the continent.

This summit will also take place digitally on November 26th and 27th. It is one of the most important events with a gender perspective that brings together various key players from the Chilean economy and the world.

It is an event designed to promote business, disseminate information and educate people about the various trends and topics of interest in the context of COVID-19. It will discuss how more women can be included in the global economy and contributed to the new challenges following the pandemic.

Opportunities Mexico-Chile

In this context, Nicole Verdugo, Executive Director and President of the Chamber of Women and Commerce, pointed out that women have several options when it comes to digitizing their business.

“The invitation is to see digital commerce as an opportunity to sell professional products and services and to do business between different companies. We could sell digital marketing services, business consulting and digital tools,” he said.

“We are injured in health and social terms, but we have to recognize the opportunities that arise. The possibilities are many, Mexicans are very rich in different products, from handicrafts to food to services. Digitization has made it possible to look, negotiate and cross borders globally. Today we don’t have to travel anymore, we can hold business meetings through Zoom, ”he added.

We have a place for you

The AMMJE has distinguished itself by providing its employees with the most up-to-date and relevant information to conduct their business and become more competitive every day in the face of the circumstances and challenges that the macro environment brings.

This event, attended by business people, young entrepreneurs and officials from various business associations, aims to promote the integration of companies into the digital world and thus promote the economic reactivation of Mexico and the world.

The conferences and panels that the summit will present include:

Environment and perspective, new business models and trends, business opportunities in Latin America in the face of the new reality, digital economy, regulations and security in a global market Financing and alternative investments, Mexico in the World Home Office, digital marketing, trends and innovation in Latin America, among others disruptives ship.

As part of the summit, a network room is being considered, in which the participants can expand their network of contacts and take part in the established business rounds in order to create new opportunities for their companies.

Thanks to the support of the sponsors, the AMMJE has awarded several scholarships for both events. in the We have 10 places for you to take part in this summit.

To get a ticket email me at and let me know why you want to attend.

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