They declare the lawsuit against Kast, which Boric accuses of sexual abuse, to be “inadmissible”.

This Tuesday, the Chilean Court of Appeal declared the protection complaint filed by lawyer Romina Mora Pardo against the conservative José Antonio Kast on Monday against the conservative José Antonio Kast because of statements in an election debate to be “inadmissible.” Gabriel Boric had been charged with sexual abuse.

The plenary session of the Chilean Court of Appeal decided to dismiss the legal action because the pleading submitted “did not contain any facts that could affect fundamental rights”, a legal action which, they argued, “is not the right approach”. these kinds of claims, “according to La Tercera newspaper.

The Chilean attorney Romina Mora Pardo filed a motion for protection against Kast for the statements of his political rival on Friday the 10th before the court of appeal this Monday.

They declare the lawsuit against Kast, which Boric accuses of sexual abuse, to be “inadmissible”.
They declare the lawsuit against Kast, which Boric accuses of sexual abuse, to be “inadmissible”.

The letter detailed that “although many of the expressions were raised in an interrogative manner, it follows that the crimes of ‘abuse’ or ‘sexual harassment’ are considered to be ascribed (…), with these expressions, Kast ignored and violated the principle of the presumption of innocence “.

He also clarified that after the event there was a wave of harassment and collective funa from some of Kast’s followers on social networks and on the internet: “Obviously, it was a trigger for thousands of people to raise the public image of Gabriel Boric,” which has caused “serious damage and impairment” to his honor.

The attorney reminded on Monday that there was no formal allegation of sexual harassment or abuse, nor a criminal or administrative process, nor was there a conviction for these acts by a cast that accused her of “illegal and arbitrary” behavior .

“All of these acts were carried out in order to mislead public opinion, which generally cannot distinguish between a crime of sexual abuse, rape or sexual harassment”, in order to “deliberately and knowingly” “harm honor”. and good name “from Boric, he said.

Since Approve Dignity’s candidacy, they made it clear on Monday that they were not involved in the lawsuit and that it was therefore an individual initiative, according to Broad Front MP Giorgio Jackson.

During the election debate of the Chilean Broadcasting Association (ARCHI) last Friday, when asked by Boric about his historical homophobic statements, Kast replied to the leftist candidate whether he had apologized to the woman who accused him of abuse. with the controversial phrase “Have you asked for forgiveness?”

After the debate, the alleged victim, who refused to divulge his name, regretted the “unscrupulous and violent use” Kast’s candidacy made of this episode, which occurred in 2012 when Boric was president of the Student Union of the University of Chile.

“They used my story, they even usurped my identity on social networks and, in short, they stole my voice for instrumental and petty purposes, regardless of the damage that was done to me,” he said in one published statement on his social networks.

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