They confirm another shooting in the troubled Ecuador littoral prison

The Litoral de Guayaquil prison in western Ecuador registered another shooting this Wednesday, prompting members of the National Police to travel to the complex.

Citizens near the center heard at least eight detonations, apparently from firearms coming out of the prison, as a group of maintenance workers entered the sewers.

They confirm another shooting in the troubled Ecuador littoral prison
They confirm another shooting in the troubled Ecuador littoral prison

Later, the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Liberated Adults (SNAI) confirmed that the incidents occurred in Pavilions 1, 2, 8 and 9 and is awaiting an official report to the Ecuadorian police station.

The SNAI has also indicated that this series of events takes place in the context of confrontations between internal members of opposing gangs, collects ‘El Universo’.

In the past few days, the Litoral Penitentiary has already been the scene of similar events, in which at least one prisoner has died in the past few days, as the head of the SNAI, Bolívar Garzón, emphasized.

On the other hand, a video has gone viral in the last few hours on social networks in which an alleged prisoner appears whose head is dipped into a water container against his will.

The Minister of Human Rights has reported that the torture took place among inmates at the Zone 8 Detention Center, also in Guayaquil.

In view of a possible case of torture, the Secretariat has asked the Ombudsman to implement the mechanisms developed to prevent torture or inhuman and degrading treatment, thereby complying with “national and international human rights obligations. People”.

“Implementing the protection in this emerging case will make it possible to improve the exercise of and respect for the rights of those who have been deprived of their liberty,” said the company in a statement posted on its Twitter account.

A riot broke out in the same prison in early September, killing nearly 120 people and injuring another 80. Following the incidents, the country’s president, Guillermo Lasso, imposed a state of emergency to combat the recent wave of violence, crime and insecurity caused by drug trafficking.

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