They claim that blockchain technology offers B2B safe order orders more security

B2B Safe is a marketplace that is designed for the closing of business activities between companies and relies on blockchain technology to secure the orders placed in it.. This was reported in the Spanish newspaper De Aqui on June 25.

After this release “As soon as the two negotiating parties reach an agreement and accept the agreed terms online, B2B Safe adds a double security level to the order confirmation. On the one hand, to ensure the full legal validity of the agreement on Wise Security Global, a document is created that has been approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism as a trusted third party. On the other hand, it registers the hash code of this process in the blockchain of Ethereum’s public network according to a certain intelligent contract for this purpose. “

“This allows the agreement to be immutable, encrypted, transparent, and secure, making the information private and confidential,” they added later in this article.

They claim that blockchain technology offers B2B safe order orders more security
They claim that blockchain technology offers B2B safe order orders more security

In addition, they stated that B2B Safe is an environment in which both parties define what can be done in what way and what happens when something is not done, and provide evidence of the agreement in the event of a business discussion.

“Although originally intended to record the order confirmation order, The blockchain layer is one of the big growth vectors of B2B Safe. In successive updates, it will be possible to integrate more and more steps of the entire cycle of the buying and selling process and gradually increase the smart contract in order to improve the traceability to the operation and to offer superior security, even those in the Offline world is possible. “the article concluded.

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