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They claim that blockchain can help a new information society

May 21, 2020

Last Sunday, May 17th, the International Information Society Day was celebrated. And according to a contact center hub article Blockchain has developed into a transformation engine for a new information society, “thanks to its properties immutability, transmission, decentralization, scalability and security”.

The article highlighted that it was an important day to think about the importance of data sharing thanks to interconnection. “In this case, it was a celebration marked by the corona virus crisis and the path to a new normal. A normality in which users and businesses, in addition to the technologies provided, need more agile, autonomous, efficient and comprehensive measures and solutions Trust, “they said in the publication.

“Blockchain or blockchain technology functions as a single platform and data repository that optimizes the exchange of information between different interest groups within different interconnected processes.” added later.

They claim that blockchain can help a new information society
They claim that blockchain can help a new information society

On the other hand, the contact center hub said: “The latest information and communication-based development model, the current information society, has been constant over the years. It has defined our world over the past few decades. Though the media in the 1970s shaped it were responsible for this concept The Internet has brought it to a new level due to its ubiquity and accessibility. “

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