They are the 5 biggest innovators of the year in Latin America according to MIT

● The 5 innovators of the year in their respective categories were María Isabel Amorín from Guatemala, Leoncio Huamán Peredo from Peru, Adán Ramírez Sánchez from Mexico, Bárbara Tomadoni from Argentina and Jaime Andrés Pérez from Colombia.

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In order to promote and give visibility to the technological advances and ventures that are being developed in Latin America, the MIT Technology Review magazine in Spanish , hand in hand with the innovation consultant Opinno , made the expected third regional edition of Innovators Under 35 LATAM . During the event, the five innovators of the year of Latin America were recognized within the group of the 35 most innovative young people under 35 years of age and their projects that are changing the world.

They are the 5 biggest innovators of the year in Latin America according to MIT
They are the 5 biggest innovators of the year in Latin America according to MIT

After 12 months of work and more than 2,000 proposals submitted at the regional level, the 35 most relevant projects were selected for their originality and focus on improving society or the environment. This space represents a great opportunity to give visibility to the most innovative and disruptive ideas of the continent.

The winners selected by the MIT Technology Review during Innovators Under 35 LATAM can be selected to compete globally with the winners from the Asia Pacific, China, Middle East and North Africa, Europe and India regions. They will also have a special participation in the next edition of the magazine in Spanish and mentions in the English edition with the other contestants worldwide.

The winners of previous years have been recognized worldwide for the success of their projects in an infinite number of sectors as well as contributing to the improvement of society and the environment. They were:

The of the Year: María Isabel Amorín of Guatemala was designated as the 2019 of the Year for her project related to the use of biopolymers extracted from the shrimp shell (shrimp) to absorb dyes and reuse water. This can solve a big problem facing the textile industry since it contaminates large volumes of water with the dyes it uses.

The Humanitarian of the Year: For his initiative towards the hearing impaired, Leonc io Huamán Peredo from Peru was distinguished as the Humanitarian of the Year 2019. This was achieved through multilingual glasses that translate the interlocutor's words in real time into Text format allowing better integration and independence of people with hearing impairment.

The Inventor of the Year: As the Inventor of the Year 2019, Adam Ramírez Sánchez de México was recognized for his proposal of intelligent solar panels composed of microalgae and nanofluids that generate oxygen and energy while absorbing carbon dioxide from solar radiation. This technology takes advantage of the characteristics of microalgae to produce energy and oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, which can have a positive impact on the environment and industry, in addition to contributing to the colonization of Mars.

The Pioneer of the Year: For its project of biogels that reduce the consumption of water and fertilizers in industrial agriculture, Barbara Tomadoni of Argentina was recognized as the Pioneer of the Year 2019. This is an ecological alternative to the current hydrogels that pollute land and crops thanks to its naturally occurring polymers such as sodium alginate from seaweed and chitosan, present in the shellfish exoskeleton.

The Visionary of the Year: As the 2019 Visionary of the Year, Jaime Andrés Pérez from Colombia was distinguished for his citizen collaboration project to monitor water quality in remote communities with accessible and non-polluting technologies. This initiative will empower communities so that they can generate real-time data on the quality of their water and can require private companies and government institutions to take responsibility for their polluting waste.

The next Innovators Under 35 LATAM 2020 edition will be open to the public in the first week of February so that innovators in the region can present their projects and take their innovations to the next level.

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