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They are some of the famous tequila lovers

June 12, 2020

In the world, the drink is par excellence to identify Mexicans Tequila, obtained by distillation of extracts from agaves with 100% designation of origin.

According to PROFECO, tequila production has increased by 60% from 170 to 271 million liters in the past 20 years.

They are some of the famous tequila loversThey are some of the famous tequila lovers

Initially, laws restricted the manufacture of beverages, leading to secret manufacturing and sales. In those times, marketing Spanish wines and spirits was preferred, but over time the industry has grown and is now a drink that crosses borders.

“Its taste, lightness, elegance and versatility in combination with other ingredients as well as its health benefits have made it one of the favorite drinks of many Mexicans, but also countless foreigners,” says the Jalisco government.

In this context, we will share with you some world stars who have become producers and entrepreneurs in this field:

George Clooney / Casamigos

The actor is known for his roles in Batman and Robin and ER Sala de Urgencias, who created his own tequila brand with two of his friends. History says that on a night of sight in Mexico, they tried a wide selection of this drink, which led to it and inspired them to create their own proposal called Casa Amigos.

“The brand became popular in the United States thanks to its gentle calmness with interesting caramel notes of a great vintage with an aromatic presence with vanilla essence,” say government experts from Jalisco. They also created a white tequila with a light, fresh consistency and citrus notes.

In 2017, the British company Diageo bought the Clooney brand in a transaction of almost $ 1 billion.

Papa Yankee / poster

The Puerto Rican singer announced the launch of in 2012 Tequila poster. Brand under which only the mature nine-year-old Weber Blue Agave is distilled, originating in Mexico. The taste of his drink is characterized by the peculiarity of the agave and a traditional manufacturing process in which brick ovens and copper stills are used for the distillate.

Kate del Castillo / Honor del Castillo

Kate chose to partner with the Vivanco de Arandas family, which has a long tradition in the distillation industry, to name their own brand Tequila Honor Del Castillo.

There is reflection in them, white; Redemption, slightly aged; Sharp, relaxed and affirmative, vintage.

Carlos Santana / noble house

The guitarist, originally from Jalisco, was associated with the tequila company Casa Noble, founded in 1996. Santana was surprised when he tried the drink for the first time and decided to contact the producers to learn more about the production process and tradition.

Justin Timberlake / Sauza 901

Since 2009, the singer has partnered with Sauza to launch his own tequila line called Sauza 901, a number related to the city from which he comes, namely Memphis.

His tequila is a white, 100% blue agave with triple distillate. The artist recommends drinking only so that you can appreciate the taste and balance of the product.

Nick Jonas / Villa One

The youngest of the band, known as “Jonas Brothers”, has partnered with fashion designer John Varvatos to launch a tequila in September last year that uses 100% blue Weber agave from the lowlands and mountainous areas of Jalisco, and ” Villa One “means. .

Dwayne Johnson “The stone” /. Teremana

“La Roca” announced on social networks its new tequila project called Teremana, a product made in Mexico. In his photos, he shared a white tequila and another reposado.