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THETA rises by 1,000%, the 9K price barrier for Bitcoin, the new business elite and much more

May 29, 2020

This week was full of expectations regarding the Bitcoin price. Well, this is not uncommon in a community that is constantly concerned about price fluctuations. But we have to admit that the price was a kind of tightrope walk. The thing is, the $ 10,000 resistance has been tried several times and nothing breaks. ANDThe enthusiasm generated by the halving seems to be a bit happening, and many feared to revisit the 6,000-strong gang when the 9,000’s support gave way.

However, The support of the 9,000 finally gave way, but the big surprise was how short the fear lasted. Because the upswing was not long in coming. This modest achievement can give us the courage to try again with the 10,000 Grand Piñata. This time we suddenly win.

Now let’s talk about the week’s most read crypto messages.

THETA rises by 1,000%, the 9K price barrier for Bitcoin, the new business elite and much moreTHETA rises by 1,000%, the 9K price barrier for Bitcoin, the new business elite and much more

Each asset can outperform another in a given period. Here’s something that many cryptocurrency enthusiasts don’t understand. The mere fact that an asset quickly increases in value does not necessarily mean that it is a good asset. A smart investor is not impressed by a 1,000% return. Many Bitcoiners are amazed that there are still people on Wall Street who are not interested in Bitcoin, despite its amazing performance in the first decade. Obviously there are other equally important attributes.

I am not exactly familiar with the THETA project. So I couldn’t say much about it. But here’s the point. You need to know an asset very well before investing in it. You have to believe in the project. It is also important to examine variables such as market capitalization, size of the community, age, reliability of the developers, etc. Volatility is important. An overly volatile asset is a risky asset with undecided buyers in a poorly liquid market. It is important not to be a victim of FOMO. Because after the FOMO comes the FUD. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a roller coaster starts.

The Kleiman vs Wright case is already becoming a kind of Latin American soap opera. And not just any soap opera. I am referring to those who performed in Miami. Yes, when it is later discovered that the protagonists were brothers, the evil stepmother kidnaps the bride and then loses her memory on her wedding day. The first chapters are exciting, but after the thousandth episode you are fed up and waiting for the last chapter. If Craig Wright is coming through Miami, he may be hired.

This case is a single tangle. Reading the details is like reading a Cantinflas speech. I have the keys, but I have no keys. I had it, but I already did. Yes I do. But no. It’s going to be crazy. It is obvious and obvious that lies come and go openly. What is missing is that this woman appears on TV (I don’t remember the name) and shouts loudly: “Let the Satoshi pass …!” and that the chairs roll between insults and beatings.

Every movement has its myths and stories. People have to look for motives from somewhere. We cannot resist the idea of ​​being the heroes of our own story. This is the appeal of the revolutions. We are not alone. The story is on our side. The oppressed will triumph in the last great battle. Evil will fall and there will be a golden age of peace and prosperity.

Well, it’s natural to see everything through the filter of our glasses and tell things in our own language. That is, the evil Federal Reserve, which invades the world with worthless paper, and only Bitcoin holders are saved in this flood of paper. Good, That is certainly one way of telling this story.

One can also say that the fall in prices during this declining cycle is an opportunity for investors. The economic stimulus from central banks will provide the liquidity needed to reactivate demand. And this demand will increase prices in the financial markets. The prices will rise at some point and the owners will benefit the most from it. Bitcoin is an excellent commodity that will pay off now and certainly in the years to come. This version is not as romantic and heroic as the previous one. But I’m afraid it’s not wrong. In fact, it is very doable. The language used is radically different.

Of course, the $ 10,000 resistance is stronger than the $ 9,000 support. Our current strength is a very hard roof, but our floor is not as firm. So we are in a corridor with an iron roof and a glass floor. Of course, the situation is worried. And yes, all eyes are on the price level of 9,000. The good news is that the glass broke this week, but we recovered quickly. Our support is therefore not as fragile as previously thought. We are not in the 6,000. It just went down a little and we went up again. Bulls on the one hand and sellers on the other hand are pulling their prices. It remains to be seen who will win this fight.

Here’s a story that continues to arouse curiosity. It was one of the most read news last week and this week he returned to the podium. The portfolio moved for the first time in 11 years and we don’t know anything about the transaction so as not to lose the habit. It is believed that only three people mined during this period: Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney and Martti Malmi. Since Hal died, all of his wallets have probably been in the hands of his heirs. Indeed, Hal’s daughter was apparently kind enough to tell us that it wasn’t her. And the self-proclaimed “Satoshi” Craig Wright, as always, became an enchilada to talk about.

So we are the same. This means, in absolute secret. New things have emerged. For example, Messages from some miners in the early days that Wright called fraud. But as always There are more questions than answers.