These were the Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2020: How Many Have You Seen?

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These were the Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2020: How Many Have You Seen?
These were the Most Popular YouTube Videos of 2020: How Many Have You Seen?

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Content creators have quickly adapted to unprecedented times in 2020, as the top performing videos on show Youtube, Ownership of Googlein 2020.

The hottest YouTube video this year was 8:46 by Dave Chappelle who currently has 29 million views. The comedian brought up honesty, “a spontaneous cleansing of emotions and thoughts” that Chappelle delivered from his Ohio home in June, following the death of George Floyd. Chappelle chose not to monetize the video and instead encouraged donations to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Family YouTube channel Dude Perfect created Quarantine stereotypes, a video that has been viewed more than 41 million times. He made the Feeding America fundraising video and dedicated it to all of the heroes on the doorstep. The fundraiser has raised $ 10,000 to date.

Popular daily vlogger David Dobrik, who chose not to vlog as much during the pandemic, partnered with EA to provide socially distant surprise gifts for Xbox One X consoles, PS4, cars and T-shirt worth 10,000 checks US dollars to make. Your video We can’t believe this happened has more than 23 million views to date.

If you’ve been trying to stay in shape on a budget during your quarantine, you’ve likely seen a video or two from YouTuber Chloe Ting, whose 16.2 million subscribers are preparing for her quick but tough workout. Your video Get Abs in 2 Weeks it alone has more than 272 million views.

On the music front Life is good from Future and Drake, launched before the actual success of COVID-19, received 1.3 billion views. Cardi B’s collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, WAP, was also a hit with more than 298 million views. Drake reappeared on the list with his August hit. Laugh now, cry later, with Lil Durk who now has 181 million views.

Here is the full list of the best YouTube videos, creators, featured creators, and music videos of 2020.

Most Popular YouTube Videos in 2020

1. 8:46 am – Dave Chappelle – Netflix is ​​a joke

2. Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder – Mark Rober

3. We broke up. – Jeffrreestar

4. $ 250,000 Influencer Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament – MrBeast

5. I’m coming out. – NikkieTutorials

6. Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE – Dream

7. Ricky Gervais’ Monologue – 2020 Golden Globes – NBC

8. Quarantine Stereotypes – Dude Perfect

9. Some good news with John Krasinski Ep. 1 – SomeGoodNews

10. We cannot believe this happened – David Dobrik

Selected YouTube Creators of 2020

1st dream (13.5 million subscribers)

2. Tiko (5.3 million subscribers)

3. Chloe Ting (16.2 million subscribers)

4. EddieVR (4.93 million subscribers)

5. charli d’amelio (8.58 million subscribers)

6. Dixie D’Amelio (6.77 million subscribers)

7. GeorgeNotFound (4.52 million subscribers)

8. SomeGoodNews (2.56 million subscribers)

9.Hyram (4 million subscribers)

10. Bailey Sarian (3.21 million subscribers)

Top YouTube Creators of 2020

1. MrBeast (46.9 million subscribers)

2nd dream (13.5 million subscribers)

3. ZHC (17.6 million subscribers)

4. SSSniperwolf (23.3 million subscribers)

5. Tiko (5.3 million subscribers)

6. Chloe Ting (16.2 million subscribers)

7. JoshDub (8.28 million subscribers)

8. LazarBeam (17.3 million subscribers)

9. EddieVR (4.93 million subscribers)

10. The Royalty family (10.8 million subscribers)

The Best YouTube Music Videos of 2020

1. Future – Life is Good (official music video) ft. Drake

2.6IX9INE-GOOBA (Official Music Video)

3.Lil Baby x 42 Dugg – We Paid (Official Video)

4. NLE Choppa – Walk Em Down feat. Roddy Ricch (Official Music Video)

5. Cardi B – WAP feat. Megan Thee stallion [Official Music Video]


7. Roddy Ricch – The Box [Official Music Video]

8. YoungBoy never broke again – Lil Top [Official Music Video]

9. Drake – Laugh Now, Cry Later (official music video) ft. Lil durk

10.Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video)

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