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These two entrepreneurs, together with a civilized debate, want to change the country

October 28, 2020

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The opinions of the employees of You are personal.

These two entrepreneurs, together with a civilized debate, want to change the country
These two entrepreneurs, together with a civilized debate, want to change the country

You are young, 22 and 20 years old, and you already have a business that looks very professional. Is called Let’s argue. It is a digital forum for civilized debates on topics of public concern in Mexico.

The greatest challenge for the makers of Let’s argue is that Many people think that their project belongs to a political party, public figure or power. However, they state that it does not. This initiative belongs to the brothers Alejandro and André Rojaswho have wanted to take over since their school days.

One day in the presidential election, they began to think about how many people need to debate, but they only do so in their social circle or on social networks. Then they thought, “There is no digital space where you can express yourself calmly without getting angry, and social networks do not do their job because they are full of insults, compromised information and fake users and bots.”

So was born Let’s argue on June 24, 2019 under the motto “Citizen participation now within your reach”, with certain guidelines, which are well explained on, for proper and respectful debate and conversation. In fifteen months of operation, 1,084 legitimate users were registered, ie verified, in the forum. To be part of the forum an identity verification process must be carried out.

Alejandro and André Rojas / Image: Courtesy of Let’s Reason

“We are interested in avoiding false or repeated accounts, anonymous trolls, bots to manipulate public opinion and algorithms that prioritize who pays the most,” explains André Rojas, co-founder and design director of Razonemos.

These entrepreneurs make it clear that the political debate must be democratic, serious, respectful and trustworthy. In addition, the forum promises to involve all areas of society with different political tendencies and social backgrounds and to ensure that there is no manipulation of information.

“This online discussion forum can become a political tool for Mexicans as it engenders informed and productive debate,” said Alejandro Rojas, co-founder and CEO of Razonemos.

What this social enterprise strives for is to give the Mexicans a voice. The aim is to reach 1,500 users and 8,000 users in the medium term by the end of 2020. The electoral roll is 90 million people, so the potential of Let’s argue is big.

Different forms of monetization

Support the operation and development of Let’s argue You plan to promote the forum, but it is non-invasive and does not compromise user privacy. They also want to work with a newspaper to publish the information they generate. as well as to ally with companies that seek the common good for Mexico and are Sponsors of the Month.

A major challenge was to unify several technological tools to achieve this Let’s argue be a reality.

“That it works really well, is fast and within easy reach of the capital we have,” says André.

Let’s say it isn’t an app yet because it requires a lot more investment. “We don’t want to start anything that makes the user dissatisfied. We’d rather wait for a businessman to trust us, ”says Alejandro.

What moves these entrepreneurs every day is this: “Believe in your idea and keep going, even if you find hundreds of bumps along the way, don’t get discouraged. And don’t think that what you have is the best there is, just be open to improving your project. There are many things to learn and do. “

The most discussed topics

In the forum, you get different levels of hierarchy or trust as you interact more. Any question of public interest can be discussed, that is, related to the common good of society. Some of the topics that users have opened in the forum are: Should the sale of cigars in pharmacies be allowed?, Is It Time To Use The Death Penalty?, Chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles, what do you think?, among other.

They also conduct polls to find out the true opinion of Mexicans. They will also soon start a section called Debate with … and they will invite opinion leaders to chat with users.

The personal information they request during the registration process has the sole function of verifying the identity of the user. They ensure that the information is processed and stored with high security standards and that they never misuse the information or sell it to third parties.

“User verification is one of the keys to keeping the debate civil and it is our responsibility to use users’ personal information correctly,” concludes Alejandro Rojas.