These lawyers innovate the traditional way of legal advice

Technological disruptions are changing the way law is exercised around the world and the prototype of a conventional lawyer. The case of Sofia and Paulina is a clear example.

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These lawyers innovate the traditional way of legal advice
These lawyers innovate the traditional way of legal advice

The opinions of the employees of s You are personal.

We have heard a lot that this health and economic crisis has occurred Accelerate digitization and there are conflicting positions on this matter; but I spoke to Sofía García and Paulina Martínez, both graduates of the institute Tecnológico de Monterreyand describe it as an expected and nostalgic change.

They are aware that the lawyer is usually classified as square, overly cautious, reactive and not very innovative. But will COVID-19 change jobs alone? The truth is that there has been a need for change for a long time, mainly because it is now possible to do without it in matters where you thought it was essential to hire a lawyer.

The technology is now much more accessible, lawyers can be contacted anywhere in the world and data processing is much easier.

When I asked Paulina and Sofia if they weren’t afraid of being “replaced by a robot,” they told me that people would of course move away from those who are unwilling to adapt to trends. But they have been inspired by hundreds of entrepreneurs with whom they live every day. In your opinion, accept certain Characteristics of an entrepreneur it would make any lawyer avant-garde.

“We believe that a key lawyer is one who develops these entrepreneurial skills, for example, who feels more comfortable with uncertainty (quarantine has helped practice), is more agile, adapts and looks for opportunities, but the key, as is in everything the balance, not forgetting the essential characteristics of a lawyer: negotiation, communication, attention to detail and analytical thinking. “

Although they are convinced, they admit that it is not easy. It’s practically impossible to ask a lawyer who is agile enough to take care of a startup that’s used to speed without solving the problems and inefficiencies that have existed in their profession for generations. These inefficiencies can only be solved with innovation and technology.

Shorten distance with technology

It is important to me that people focus on it Generate valueSo I wondered what tools the lawyer has to avoid minimizing valuable activities. For them, using the blockchain is essential to ensure the protection of information and data. They trust that marketplaces will find colleagues with whom they can work. They try to sign all kinds of documents with advanced electronic signatures that give them even more security than autographs, and they automate document management.

You expect the use of Blockchain To ensure the privacy of information, you should know some programming skills to turn your contracts into “intelligent contracts” and consult with virtual assistants.

However, other external factors, such as people’s acceptance and the internal guidelines of public or private institutions, continue to play a role because of the mistrust that new technologies can generate in both cautious and legal aspects.

Sofía García and Paulina Martínez. Photo: Courtesy

It is clear to these lawyers that the gap between the technology expert and the lawyer needs to be narrowed. Include a very important new “partner”: an external risk mitigator, such as the software that supports your transactions, the storage provider, the code and the certifier of your electronic signatures.

Technological disruptions are changing the way law is exercised around the world and the prototype of a conventional lawyer. Few lawyers have chosen innovation as a platform to practice and position themselves as a leader in Mexico.

These lawyers, who are deeply committed to justice, developed skills to understand innovation in its maximum splendor as well as the entire ecosystem associated with it. Everyone, without exception, understands startups, companies, entrepreneurship and everything connected with creating legal security in a highly competitive world.

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