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These brothers founded a jewelry brand made from recycled silver

May 1, 2020

Azure is a modern jewelry brand with limited models made from recycled and flexible silver. The main goal is to generate Mexican export design.

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These brothers founded a jewelry brand made from recycled silverThese brothers founded a jewelry brand made from recycled silver

Who are you?

The idea of ​​the business came up in 2007 at a party with friends in the city of Taxco. Market research was therefore started to find out what the needs of customers who bought goods in the state of Guerrero every week to resell them had. in the rest of the country; The result was that different designs were needed than those found in an established stand or jewelry store.

The founders of Azure are Cynthia (graphic designer) y Carlos Rendón (marketer), Brothers who share a passion for music and art. They made their first sales after eight months in a sales channel that is very different from what they are currently in.


Azure is created for interpret and pass on the elegance of the metal as an element of inspiration.

The brand is currently sold in Germany, Canada, the Caribbean, Spain, the USA, France, the Netherlands and Mexico. In our country you can find it in more than 100 museums, art galleries, shops and design bazaars. It also has a showroom in CDMX and a new store in San Miguel de Allende.

Your business model is growing steadily, so that this year the export to the Asian market begins: You have plans to enter the business Fair in Shanghai continue to enter this market.

Why we how?

At Azure, all of their designs are their own limited editions for each country they sell in. They have a firm goal to respect the planet, which is why their latest collections are made from 100% recycled silver.

The collection “Design with art”What is my favorite is inspired by works by plastic artists such as Joan Miró, Frida Kahlo, Pollock, Carrington, Piet Mondrian, Manuel Felguérez, Haring and Kusama. Color is achieved through the different textures in the bas-relief and high-relief.

The main basis of their creative process are the goldsmiths, to whom they offer management and marketing courses so that they can generate their own jewelry brands and understand their consumers.

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