These Baby Yoda Tamales fill the hole that Grogus Thread left

The creators of the series ‘The Mandalorian’ inspired thread have put the batteries in and are now offering tamales packs for fans of the adorable Baby Yoda.

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These Baby Yoda Tamales fill the hole that Grogus Thread left
These Baby Yoda Tamales fill the hole that Grogus Thread left

If you got the doll from when you cut your piece of thread on the last epiphany Groguyou can continue the tradition by inviting some Baby Yoda Tamales next February 2nd, Candlemas Day.

After the success of his thread inspired by the character of war of starshe Kraneo Food Restaurant now offers the “Baby Tamales”. It’s the traditional Mexican snack made from corn dough but with a galactic twist.

If you want, you should place your order quickly as only 40 packages are delivered Baby Yoda Tamales. You can choose which one ‘Combo’ of 6 tamales and a special edition mug for 200 Mexican pesos. Or the one with 12 tamales and 2 special cups for 360 Pesos.

In a picture shared by the restaurant, the tamales are light green. However, its taste is cheese with slices, chicken in green or sweet sauce.

An integral part of the charm of these themed dishes is that Home delivery. The visionary guys from Kraneo Foods Arrive at any location as marked Din Djarin wears grogu, better known as “Baby Yoda”. Thus, the product is just a pretext (delicious) to offer customers a comprehensive experience.

By the way, the makers announced that they are already working on a special edition of bantha milkto accompany them Tamales.

The Tamales inspired by the universe of war of stars They will be delivered on February 1st or 2nd, depending on the region. Delivery is limited to the municipalities of Coyoacán, Benito Juárez, Miguel Hidalgo, Cuauhtémoc, Azcapotzalco and Gustavo A. Madero. Only 20 packages are offered per day. There will also be a collection point in Franciscan House to celebrate that Yodita Day ‘ on January 30th and 31st.

Located in the historic center of Mexico City, the restaurant offers other themed dishes and craft beers inspired by characters “The corpse of the bride”, ‘The simpsons’ and the universe of Dc comics, among other.

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