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These are the ventures that make Colombians’ lives easier in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency

March 24, 2020

Invest in Bogotá shared with us 4 companies that are becoming a fundamental part of the Colombian economy in times of coronavirus.

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The current emergency that Colombia and the world face due to the c oronavirus has led to the habits of millions of citizens having to change . Tasks such as shopping for the home, going out to exercise, going to a restaurant or taking the pet to the vet are complex today due to the recommendations for social distancing even in the curfew that has been decreed in many cities and departments.

These are the ventures that make Colombians’ lives easier in the midst of the COVID-19 emergencyThese are the ventures that make Colombians’ lives easier in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency

In the midst of this situation, enterprises that offer access to digital tools or provide services are helping citizens to fulfill many of their tasks and obligations from home, while thinking about their well-being and that of those who surround.

Invest in Bogota, an investment promotion agency and articulator of the city's entrepreneurial ecosystem, looked for ventures that are helping Bogota citizens and Colombians make the coronavirus emergency more bearable. These are some examples of young entrepreneurs who, with their innovations, validate the importance of entrepreneurship:


Fitpal is an application that groups more than 700 gyms through a single subscription. With it, users can access thousands of physical and wellness activities. Currently, with the majority of the country's gyms closed by the Coronavirus, this venture developed a platform called Fitpal Home, which allows its users to virtually access the gyms from anywhere in Colombia.

“Users can access these gyms through video calls and digital classes that we are setting up on our platform so that anyone can have access to physical activity and well-being,” says Julián Torres, manager and founder of Fitpal.

In addition, in the coming days this company will offer free virtual classes for the entire population. “We are going to hold meditation, physical activity, stretching and nutrition classes to bring wellness and health to the homes of all Colombians,” he explains.


This Bogotá startup created in 2018 is a technology company, specialized in fruits, vegetables and food, that connects local producers directly with restaurants. It currently operates in Colombia, Mexico and Brazil, where it works with more than 200 local producers. Frubana allows restaurants in the cities in which it operates to stock up amid measures taken to stem the spread of the Coronavirus.

“At Frubana we are aware of the current situation and continue working to guarantee products in optimal conditions. The collaborators are being monitored daily with a checkpoint installed at the entrance of all the wineries to verify the health status of all of us who are part of the company, ”said Miguel Silva, Head of Product and co-founder of Frubana.


This is a company specialized in technology and artificial intelligence for productivity management in remote work. CloudWork has 12 years of experience in implementing these types of work modalities and can help companies that have not implemented the remote work contingency plan.

“We want companies to join, to lose the fear of implementing remote work, to trust their teams, and, above all, to know that there is technology that allows these work models to be successful,” says Alexandra Gamarra, Chief Company Sales Officer.

Vet + O

Daniela Peñaranda, veterinary doctor and co-founder of Vet + O , explains that thanks to this application anyone can receive 24-hour veterinary advice .

“With Vet + O they can clarify any doubts or they can consult any behavioral or physical change they see in their pet, and the most important thing is that they will be able to do it without leaving home and from anywhere in the country,” he highlights. .

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