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These are the summits that are supposed to take place at INCmty2020

October 29, 2020

Get to know the program of the largest Spanish-speaking entrepreneurship event.

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These are the summits that are supposed to take place at INCmty2020
These are the summits that are supposed to take place at INCmty2020

This Monday, November 2nd, the eighth edition of INCmty, the largest Spanish-speaking entrepreneurship event, starts.

“Our challenge is to inspire, connect, empower and encourage entrepreneurs to create value in Mexico and the world,” said Rogelio de los Santos, Executive President of INCmty and President of the Council of Eugenio Garza Lagüera ship Institute during the presentation of the list on September 23.

This event is practically experienced due to the contingency due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year for the eighth time from INCmtyThe business community asked us to highlight two priority issues for the public agenda: digital inclusion and sustainable future, ”explained Rogelio de los Santos.

Image: Courtesy of INCmty

INCmty 2020 is divided into five summits, one from November 2nd to 6th every day. This gives you access to live content and 20 conferences during the week on demand from Summit, QA sessions to pre-recorded sessions, interviews, one-off releases, good news, Giveaways and trivia, among many other surprises.

Put your schedule together today:

Monday 2: Business Hack Summit. Facilitated Recommendations, experiences and tools with economic potential that is translated into business models that create value for the growth of ideas and ventures.

Tuesday 3: Sustainability Summit. Suggests innovative solutions for sustainable development counteracting climate change and sustainable resources and promoting economic strengthening.

Wednesday 4: Emerging Technologies Summit. Discover the technological advances It’s revolutionizing the future, driving business forward and changing the way we operate in the market.

Thursday 5: Digital Inclusion Summit. Beats the Accessibility and innovation on equal termsfrom an integrative perspective with solutions for a fair world.

Friday 6: Human Growth Summit. Find out how you can maintain and improve the quality of life Best Practices for Human Development and overcoming your limits.

The full INCmty 2020 agenda can be found on the event page!