These are the skills and mindsets of the future leader

Jacob Morgan, founder of, identified the skills and mindsets leaders must possess in order to lead themselves, their employees and their organizations to success. Get to know you!

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These are the skills and mindsets of the future leader
These are the skills and mindsets of the future leader

When we hear the word water, an image immediately occurs to us, we know what we are talking about. The same thing doesn’t happen with the term leadership or when we want to refer to the leader. However, this character plays a fundamental role in cultures and organizations.

Jacob Morgan, a futurist exploring leadership, the future of work, and employee experience, attended INCmty and pointed out the nine skills and mindsets the future leader must have, whom he calls “the leader.” of today “. .

As the founder of, an online education and training platform that helps individuals and organizations thrive in the changing world of work, he conducted a business versus beacon comparison.

In this regard, he said the lighthouses served as pillars to safely guide seafarers and explorers to their destinations. “When I think of a leader, I think of it [en un faro] and that I want you to have it in your head, “he said.

“Your job as a leader is not just to become that lighthouse, but to shine your light on others in your organization and make it a success,” he added, making it clear that a lighthouse without ships is useless at sea. just like building yourself. as a leader when you don’t have people to guide you.

In this changing world, leadership will change in the same way companies and organizations change. How do you lead in a rapidly changing world where it is clear that what worked in the past will not work in the present or in the future?

To answer that question, Jacob interviewed more than 140 of the world’s leading CEOs and 14,000 employees in partnership with LinkedIn. With this research, he was able to identify a new arsenal of nine skills and mindsets leaders must possess in order to lead themselves, their employees, and their organizations to success.

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The 4 mentalities

Jacob identified four mentalities or ways of thinking for the leader of the future.

  1. The world citizen. Leaders need to get used to the idea that they are citizens of the world, able to surround themselves and learn from people of other cultures, customs, styles, and ways of thinking than their own. This will broaden your mind and make decisions that happen instantly and are really innovative.
  2. The servant. For years, executives have been viewed as the top of the pyramid, from where they move processes and people. The future leader must be at the service of his people, helping them break through their own paradigms and learning barriers in order to get the best out of them. This is in line with the trend of “not hiring people for what they have done, but for what they will / can be”.
  3. The chef. The secret of the chefs is that they know how to balance certain ingredients to get dishes with the perfect taste. Likewise, leaders need to strike a balance between teams, processes, mindsets, and backgrounds. Jacob emphasizes the balance of two ingredients: humanity and technology, which he calls “HumanIT”.
  4. The discoverer. As an example of researcher Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton’s Antarctic expeditions, Jacob Morgan emphasized the need for leaders to open their minds and explore new ideas and always be open to new ways of thinking.

5 skills for the future leader

On the other hand, Jacob emphasized the skills o Competencies Leaders need to evolve in accordance with these four mindsets and this will help unlock the full potential for their teams and organizations:

  1. The trainer. You have to become a trainer, in the best version of yourself that makes you more successful and better than the trainer. Two words to note: “As you” (that you are) the key because you always have to be more successful than your previous self.
  2. The futurist. We have to ask ourselves: why should something happen or not? What else can happen? What should I do before something can happen? It is important to develop a strategic mindset and create scenarios of situations to anticipate change.
  3. Yoda Two qualities that Jacob sets apart from the Star Wars character are empathy and Self-confidence (Confidence). It is important that every time you stop along the way, you ask yourself: What motivates you? What makes you happy And these questions will help guide you towards your goals.
  4. The tech teenager. We live in a world where forms of communication and connection with all people are growing, such as augmented reality, social networks and so on. A leader of the future needs to know what technological tools can do to find the best solutions for his company.
  5. The translator. Listening and communicating are old concepts, but now more than ever we need to reassess them. A leader is one who can mediate between his people through effective listening and agile and empathetic communication.

Jacob stressed that leaders need to step out of the box and break paradigms as they can no longer see themselves as individual beings at the top; They are essential equipment for teams to function and deliver.

He also asked INCmty attendees to take the survey.

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