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These are the next companies to join the “Trillion Dollar Club”.

July 13, 2020

By Antonio Sandoval

Even in the middle of it biggest economic crisis In the history of the world in the past 90 years, there are companies that will continue to grow due to the sectors of importance to the new economy in which they operate, and will continue to do so in the future. In addition, they are typically strong companies and currently prefer direct and indirect investments because they are representative of an environment that cannot be eliminated.

Companies in the technology sector are therefore the most likely winners in the coming years if some of them would go into the exclusive business Trillion dollar club”In the capitalization value and it is possible that even one of them is close to 2 trillion in this indicator.

Trillion dollar club company

These are the next companies to join the “Trillion Dollar Club”.These are the next companies to join the “Trillion Dollar Club”.

Until now, Only four companies in the world have managed to reach the trillion (million) dollar capitalization valueThey all come from the technology sector, which confirms the moment when this industry, which has forgotten its biggest crisis to date, is experiencing the breakdown of dotcoms at the beginning of the century.

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet (Google parent company) are the companies that have touched this magic figure at some point or even stay in it.

An analysis by Barrons, the most prestigious media in Europe for this type of journalistic work, shows that these companies can stay at this level and even increase their value to $ 2 billion.

The publication notes that this may be more likely One of the trillion dollar club representatives doubled its valuebefore other companies can settle with a capitalization value that the big four in the technology sector have achieved. Their economic power, their role as a leader in a sector that is already vital to the operation of the planet, are more than enough reasons to continue an unstoppable upward trend in the coming years as the recovery path resumes. fully on the stock exchanges of the planet or earlier.

Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Alphabet (Google mother) are the companies that have touched this magic figure at some point or even stay in it / Image: Medhat Dawoud via Unsplash

These are the candidates for the association

No company has the opportunity for more companies to access the exclusive trillion-dollar club. In fact, there are very few that Barrons analysts can do that.

Would be a natural candidate FacebookIf in the next few years the credibility problems that management has caused in the content published by its users around the world can be overcome, What impacted your advertising revenue?.

End of June, Facebook ranked almost $ 681 billion in capitalizationAlmost half of the world’s population uses their services by registering just over 3 billion users, but the ups and downs of the price of this action are a disability Complicated at the moment, it will be necessary to wait for the expected “normality” to return, because although they are a technological platform on which experiences are reflected, they are based on daily coexistence, which is very much in its entirety at the moment Size difficult to achieve.

Another candidate would be the Chinese Alibaba and his compatriot Tencent. In fact, they are the two other companies in the world that have Facebook together With a capitalization value of more than $ 500 billion, both are around 600 billion. However, the fierce trade dispute between their home country and the United States puts them at a disadvantage for exponential growth in the coming years.

Facebook was almost $ 681 billion in capitalization / Image: Alex Haney on Unsplash

Actions of the traditional economy at a slow pace

The potential of the actions of the call “traditional economy“They would not be bad investment options in the coming years, but their performance will be less than exponential than that of technology companies, so slower growth is expected.

This is the case with companies like Walmart, Johnson Johnson or Visa, whose capitalization value is close $ 400 billion However, it would be very difficult for them to double or quadruple this indicator at the same pace as technological advances over the next few years to reach the entrance to the prestigious trillion-dollar club.

Companies also like Teslawhose success is undeniable It would have to multiply its growth by five of its current market price in order to position itself alongside Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet.This is not an easy challenge, especially given the current economic scenario.

The so-called traditional economy companies are currently in difficulty with economic growth, which will slow down much of the world’s consumption, with the exception of technological consumption, which is essential even for “work” in the home office.

Although Barrons’ analysis suggests that it will take a long time for the world’s economies and markets to start a positive cycle, as practically all financial organizations and analysts around the world think. Also remember that nothing is forever and that the technology sector will be unstoppable even in this crisis.

Companies also like Tesla It would have to multiply its growth by five of its current market price in order to position itself alongside Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Alphabet / Image: Bram Van Oost via Unsplash