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These are the new features of the Google Voice Assistant that make school from home more enjoyable

August 13, 2020

From functions to scheduling reminders for assignments and classes to a mode that allows us to answer questions for our assignments. Find out everything in the new Google update.

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These are the new features of the Google Voice Assistant that make school from home more enjoyableThese are the new features of the Google Voice Assistant that make school from home more enjoyable

Understand the current pandemic landscape and how it has forced the education sector to adopt an online educational modality, Google announced new features in its Voice assistant to maximize the student (and parent) experience during the School at home.

In Mexico alone, it is expected that the federal government estimates that 30 million Mexican students from 16 different school levels will not return to face-to-face classes in the 2020-2021 school year due to the country’s health emergency.

The market is launched for the first time with the Google update. “Family bell “, With this new function you can program reminders Smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems, which are announced by the Google voice assistant over loudspeakers or smart screens in the house.

Photo: Annie Spratt via Unsplash

The virtual assistant offers templates with different types of reminders for the school environment. In addition, these can be personalized to be used in any situation and by any family member.

Currently, this implementation is only available for the Google digital system in the US, Canada, UK, India and Australia.

Another feature included in the update concerns the company’s smart displays. With the new command “Hey google! Start School Today!”(Hey Google, school starts today) The device shows pictures and sounds related to school on the screen to simulate a setting within the school. The feature also supports smart lights and speakers and is now available to everyone.

Another implemented modality is the ability to send messages from the Google Voice Assistant through ours Smartphone to a specific smart speaker in the house. This function has existed before. However, the message was heard in all speakers with achievable connectivity. In particular, with this new task, the person can choose which gadget their message should ring in.

The latest Google update also includes a new action where speakers and smart screens share relevant information on each topic as well as activities and didactic challenges throughout the day. Even an advertised feature helps students answer questions on various topics in preparation for their assignments. In addition, the devices offer the opportunity to play games and tell stories.

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