These are the new features of Pinterest

The platform made changes based on the increase in searches in certain Pins of its users, with the aim of making them more organized to navigate.

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  • Personal notes.
  • Dashboard toolbar.
  • Favorites on the boards.
  • Pin grouping.
  • Board suggestions.
These are the new features of Pinterest
These are the new features of Pinterest

What are people looking for on Pinterest? According to the social network, users have increasingly searched for topics related to home improvement, home exercise routines, baby products, essentials and gifts.

“Although the quarantine was unexpected, it hasn’t stopped people from planning and looking to the future. In addition, the number of new boards created per month has increased by 35% compared to the previous year, “explains Pinterest in a statement.

Because of this, the platform decided to add new features to its boards to “make planning easier and bring the visual inspiration from Pinterest into reality”. Among them are:

Image: Courtesy of Pinterest.

  • Personal Notes: A new section is available in Saved Pins to add private notes that make it easier to come back to the Pin and remember what we were up to. For example: “That would look fantastic with the carpet in the living room.”
  • Dashboard toolbar: Those active cards with an average of more than 150 Pins have this option which makes it easier for users to navigate through the Pins. At the top of the screen is a very user-friendly area that can be used to perform all the actions that can be performed on a board.
  • Favorites on board: This function is still in the test phase. Users can bookmark the most popular Pins by tapping the star icon on the board. This enables a better organization to come up with ideas.
  • Pin grouping: The app wants the advanced dashboards to become your personal assistant. The app uses technology to suggest sub-boards that will help you organize your boards better. For example: imagine you have a food board with tons of recipes that you want to try. It will be much easier for you to try them if you organize them into sub-boards like “Breakfast Recipes” and “Desserts”.
  • Dashboard suggestions: Besides automatic grouping, it also offers users a guided experience from the start of their projects when they save the first pin. For example, if you are planning a Christmas party, suggestions for the blackboard and decoration ideas, recipes for food and drink, and gift ideas are offered.

According to data from the same platform, the number of boards created in the most popular categories on Pinterest has increased significantly: 44% more beauty, 95% more womenswear and 36% more home decor.

They also found that this year, new boards with titles like “The Lifestyle of My Dreams” tripled as users decided what to buy, planned new routines, and thought about how to improve their homes during the lockdown.

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