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These are the five phases for the reopening of tourism in Los Cabos

May 15, 2020

The strategic plan focuses on tourism combined with new health and safety protocols to create a safer travel environment.

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These are the five phases for the reopening of tourism in Los Cabos
These are the five phases for the reopening of tourism in Los Cabos

The return to activities and the release of detention to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have not yet been officially declared. However, many goals are already planning to return to normal.

Among them stands out Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), which announced a dynamic five-phase plan to reactivate tourism in the destination and announced the inclusion of strict health and safety protocols that will be applied across the travel industry and service providers after the reopening.
“The way we travel may have changed, but the experiences we live in Los Cabos You are still unique. The aim of the gradual revival is to systematically enable hotels, timeshare providers and service providers to resume activities while protecting the health and safety of the community and travelers, and to prevent new cases of COVID from recurring. 19 “, emphasized Rodrigo Esponda, General Director of FITURCA.

The Tourism Trust also confirmed that 62% of the hotel’s inventory is back in service, while international airlines such as Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest and Delta have already announced a return to the destination.
The phases and schedule that are expected to return to normal employment levels in the new era after COVID-19 are described below:

  • Phase I – June. Travel activities with a limitation of international and national arrivals will be resumed. The service providers in the industry will focus on the implementation of health and hygiene protocols
  • Phase II – July. Reopening of the international airport terminal and slow recovery of international arrivals.
  • Phase III – August to September. Restoration of national and international arrivals, especially reservations that were previously postponed.
  • Phase IV – October to December. Return of luxury travelers and groups as well as visitors from Canada and Great Britain. Recovery of 60% of the reserves forecast by EOY.
  • Phase V – first quarter of 2021. Restore 60% of air connectivity along with 80% of reserves.

To accompany the reopening plan, Los Cabos is implementing strict health and safety measures throughout the destination to ensure a safer travel environment. They are as follows:

  • Health and hygiene manuals.
  • Reinforcement of hygiene, cleanliness, physical distance from the traveler and use of personal protective equipment.
  • Standardized protocols for health checks at the airport and in the port.
  • Cooperation with travel providers to obtain the “Clean Point” certification offered by the Mexican Ministry of Tourism and thus strictly comply with the hygiene protocols.
  • Flexible travel guidelines.
  • Streamline communication protocols between hotel, suppliers and local authorities.

Los Cabos is the main luxury destination in Mexico. It receives more than 3.2 million travelers every year. 90% of the Los Cabos population is directly or indirectly dependent on the tourism and hotel sector, which is the economic engine that supports 40% of the state’s GDP. As such, fate works hand in hand with local and state authorities. Hotels and partners to comply with all safety protocols and ensure the well-being of all travelers.

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