These are the colonies with the most cases of COVID-19

This is a list of colonies with the most active cases of coronavirus in Mexico City, with the intention of taking greater precautions when you go out at the orange traffic light.

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These are the colonies with the most cases of COVID-19
These are the colonies with the most cases of COVID-19

COVID-19 cases continue to increase every day, the authorities of the Mexico City They revealed the mayors and neighborhoods with more reported cases of the disease, that is, with more people who tested positive in the past 14 days.

So far there are more than 4,058 active cases of the virus in CDMX (with a cut on July 5). This makes it the first institution at the national level with more cases of coronavirus, according to the Federal Health Secretariat.

The aim of the list is to make the most vulnerable places known and to take appropriate measures to combat the spread of the virus. The list is as follows:

  1. City of San Gregorio Atlapulco (Xochimilco)

  2. Pedregal de Santo Domingo (Coyoacan)

  3. Pueblo San Antonio Tecómitl (Milpa Alta)

  4. San Francisco Culhuacan (Coyoacan)

  5. Pueblo San Salvador Cuauhtenco (Milpa Alta)

  6. Anahuac (Miguel Hidalgo)

  7. Pueblo San Miguel Topilejo (Tlalpan)

  8. Pueblo San Francisco Tlaltenco (Tláhuac)

  9. San Jose Zacatepec (Xochimilco)

  10. City of Santa Cruz Acalpixca (Xochimilco)

  11. Roma Sur I (Cuauhtémoc)

  12. Villa Milpa Alta village (Milpa Alta)

  13. Pueblo San Bernabe Ocotepec (Magdalena Contreras)

  14. Miguel Hidalgo (Tlalpan)

  15. El Tanque (Magdalena Contreras)

  16. Pueblo San Andrés Totoltepec (Tlalpan)

  17. Cuauhtémoc (Magdalena Contreras)

  18. San Lorenzo Huipulco (Tlalpan)

  19. Agrícola Oriental (Iztacalco)

  20. Tlaxpana (Miguel Hidalgo)

According to the portal Political animal, Milpa Alta and Xochimilco are the municipalities with the highest poverty and extreme poverty rates in the capital of Mexico as well as with the highest COVID-19 infection rate.

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