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These are the CDMX subway stations with the most bacteria: study

June 10, 2020

An analysis by UNAM and UAM showed that there are more than 50,000 different bacteria in the metro facilities.

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These are the CDMX subway stations with the most bacteria: studyThese are the CDMX subway stations with the most bacteria: study

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Today, some of the production chains reopened under the motto of the new normal. This leads to a gradual return of employees to offices and factories, which a greater mobility and use of public transport.

The Metro will again be one of the most popular transportation systems. In 2019, the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) carried out a health study in the metro facilities. The result showed that there are more than 50,000 bacteria in the facilities, Most of them concerned skin problems.

According to Luis David Alcaraz, bacteria that are incubated on trains can cause various types of acne. However, the focus of infection is not new and does not pose a serious health risk.

He mentioned: “Not all microbes are pathogens”. He also made that clear The main focus is on the site and not on the trains.

Thanks to the studies derived from the contingency of COVID-19, we can now be aware of the precautions and hygiene measures that we have to take when traveling on the train network. Among them are:

  • Use of antibacterial gel for after touching pipes and seats of the Metro Collective Transportation System.
  • Avoid eating anything and drinks in the facilities.
  • Do not sit on the floor of the platforms and trolleys.
  • Avoid eating foods that are made in the vicinity of the facilities.
  • Constant washing of hands and face.

The stations with the most bacteria

Studies calculate that Of the 50,000 bacteria, only 10,000 could cause serious and minor illnesses in humans. The stations with the highest contamination are the following:

  • Aztec City, Line B.
  • Múzquiz, line B.
  • Martin Carrera, line 4
  • Tacuba, line 2
  • Green Indians, Line 3

According to Dr. Mariana Peimbert Torres, researcher at the UAM, Cuajimalpa Unit, most bacteria are linked to the presence of humans.

Metro is currently continuing new health security protocols such as the following:

  • Dosage of user input
  • Body temperature measurement
  • Unifilas
  • Use of the mandatory mouth mask
  • Please be absolutely silent
  • Signage for healthy distance

sources: Ana Luisa Guerrero, “Bacteria, Invisible Passengers Traveling on the Metro”.