These are the best memes on PlayStation 5

Get to know the technical data of the PS5 and some reactions from the public.

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These are the best memes on PlayStation 5
These are the best memes on PlayStation 5

This story originally appeared on Cinema Premiere

Finally, after a unique presentation with no audience in a physical space, Sony’s next generation console was revealed: PlayStation 5.

There will be not one, but two consoles. The first of them can read physical hard drives and of course has digital loads on its internal storage. There will be another console that can only download games without a drive.

Unfortunately Price was not announced from either version of the console, it would have to wait a while longer.

And here are some reactions and memes to the new console and controls for PlayStation 5:

Picture: Dieter Bohn on Twitter

Picture: Ben Macphail on Twitter

Picture: Fordy on Twitter

Picture: I’m Aleks on Twitter

Picture: Paul on Twitter

Picture: BarquiFCB on Twitter

Picture: TioRodry97 on Twitter

Picture: WayoC on Twitter

Picture: ElSerji on Twitter

Picture: AlexElAmo15 on Twitter

Picture: Fernando Muñiz on Twitter

Picture: @IngenieroDice on Twitter

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