These are the 6 questions that every entrepreneur should ask

Sometimes we forget to ask where we stand and if we feel satisfied. From time to time, ask yourself the following questions.

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There are many questions you should ask yourself every day. Asking how the weather will be will help you make sure you wear the right clothes. Asking what is on your agenda will allow you to organize your day so you don't miss important events.

These are the 6 questions that every entrepreneur should ask
These are the 6 questions that every entrepreneur should ask

These questions are important, but it is easy to get lost in the daily details and forget about asking the really important questions, those that look at the whole picture. Sometimes we forget to see around us and take stock of where we stand, and if that matches our expectations.

So, from time to time (at least once a month) ask yourself the following question:

Are you happy with your life and your work, or do you want something else?

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel full of energy or overwhelmed? Do you get out of bed excited about what awaits you during the day, or do you feel a sinking feeling in your stomach when you look at your agenda?

If your answer to the first question is “no,” don't feel bad. I guess that 99 percent of the people who read this article will respond negatively … and the remaining 1 percent will not need my advice.

The really fascinating thing is that, of 99 percent of readers, 98 will probably forget that they even asked the question and return to the life they hate. He will return to the job he hates, in a city he hates, with the coworkers he hates. And he will do it again and again, either because he is too afraid to change or because he does not know how to do anything else.

But what will happen to the other 1 percent who wants more from life? He will look for a change, and he will not allow anything to get in his way. If you are part of the 1 percent that will do something to transform your reality, follow the steps below to take the right path.

Step 1: brainstorm your ideal life

My dream lifestyle includes luxury mansions, exotic trips and sports cars. What can I say? I have good taste, and I am not afraid to do everything necessary to create that lifestyle for me and my family.

Your dream life could imply luxury experiences like mine, or it could be something completely different. Your “dream” could simply be to pay your debts so you can invest your monthly salary instead of depositing it in someone else's pockets.

Now, before I get lost in the details of how you will turn your dream into reality, I need you to take some time to really visualize what you want. Ask yourself:

  • In which city, state or country would I like to live?
  • What kind of house would I like to have?
  • What would I like to do to live?
  • What would my daily schedule look like?
  • How would I have fun?

Try to make your dreams as close as possible to reality. You will need this clear vision like water to find the motivation that pushes you to realize them.

Step 2: define your dreams

Now, it's time to be specific. The size of your dreams determines what it will take to achieve them. My lifestyle is quite expensive, but your dreams may require much less to be brought to reality.
You do not believe me?

Suppose your dream is to own a luxury sports car, such as the Porsche 911. It costs a little over $ 100,000, so the monthly payment of a loan would be around $ 1,200. Of course, if you live a day, this may sound like something priceless. But there are a lot of ways to make you an extra thousand 200 dollars a month. Giving the opportunity to one of them could put a luxury car at your fingertips, no matter where in your life you are.

Step 3: create a game plan

At this point, you should already know what you want from life, as well as what you will need to get it. The final step is to create a strategy to make it happen.

First of all, identify the gap between what you need to make your dreams come true and the resources to which you currently have access. If the gap is small, you may need to cut some expenses or request an increase in your work to finance your dreams .

If the gap is wide, you will need a more drastic change. Can you have a second job that leaves you with more income, opt for freelance? Maybe study something to qualify for a better paid job?

There are endless options. The only thing that is not permissible is to say that it is impossible, that the gap between your dreams and your reality is too large to overcome. Anything is possible, and people who do not give up and do what is necessary to live their dreams are those who, in the end, get it. It's that simple.

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