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These are the 6 dates you will be selling more before the year ends

November 2, 2020

The last two months of the year are about to start. Are you going to waste it or are you going to prepare a strategy to close 2020 by force?

This story originally appeared on Premo

These are the 6 dates you will be selling more before the year ends
These are the 6 dates you will be selling more before the year ends

The last two months of the year start the same, that is November and December, Times when more money is circulating because many employees receive different benefits, such as bonus, Savings bank, food vouchers, among others. This means that you and your business have the opportunity to sell more.

November begins with a festive atmosphere, as in Mexico the day of the Deadcontinues the list of festivities December vacation, including posadas, corporate New Year’s parties, Christmas, the New Year and the traditional celebration of Three kings day. How you can use that seasonality to sell more

The answer is to prepare a strategy to sell more. Here is some information about the most important data to use during these months to consider when designing your marketing and sales strategy.

Day of the Dead and Halloween

This date signifies a good income for certain businesses like:

  • Flower shops, bars and canteens, bakeries, grocery stores, typical sweets, alcoholic beverages and costumes, and hotels.
  • The average spend for these two days is between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000.
  • 75% of Mexicans prefer to celebrate Día de Muertos than Halloween.
  • It is estimated that sales in bakeries, costumes, meat, supermarkets, travel agencies and in general increase by up to 50%.
  • For 2016 a turnover of 16.3 billion pesos was forecast.

Good end

This year it will take place across the Mexican Republic from November 9th to 20th. It is characterized by the fact that products and services are offered at special prices, unique discounts and exclusive offers that are not offered in any other time of the year.

What To Consider To Sell More:

  • Sales were posted for the past year 100,000 million pesosaccording to the Confederation of National Chambers of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Concanaco Servytur).
  • The preferred method of payment was cash or debit card, 56% of operations were performed with these means.
  • The most commonly purchased are clothing, shoes, furniture, and household items such as flat screens, computer and phone equipment, travel, jewelry, and cosmetics. Finally toys, music and movies.

December dates

There is a festive atmosphere throughout December. This season is one of the best times of the year to sell more, and it’s data that almost any type of business can use to do marketing and create exclusive deals.

The products that are sold the most are batteries, foods such as snacks, soft drinks, beer, liquors, milk creams, butter, mayonnaise, pasta, condiments and other supplies to prepare Christmas and New Years dinner.

  • Beauty products such as dyes, makeup, catalog products, lotions.
  • Restaurants and bars are also increasing their sales.

What to consider is that emotions are being sold on this data. Hence, your efforts should be focused on how to connect emotionally with your consumers. Remember that a customer approaching your store does not come in to consume groceries or buy a gift, but is looking for the ideal place to spend time with family and friends, or to show love and affection. Try to evoke the right emotion.