These are the 5 steps that will teach you how to disconnect

Forget the “fear of missing out” and use the “joy of missing out” to enjoy your free time.

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These are the 5 steps that will teach you how to disconnect
These are the 5 steps that will teach you how to disconnect

If you are one of those people who is afraid of missing out on something on social networks, better known as that FOMO ((Afraid of being left out), but at the same time, those dynamics will tire you out at the end of the day and you may be ready to switch to mode JOMO ((Joy in missing out) and start the process to enjoy the pleasure of “getting lost” in every detail of the digital world.

1. Reduce your presence on social networks

If you’ve spent 10 hours checking them every hour before, decrease a minute every day until you can watch a full day without them. In time, you will find peace of mind, no longer the fear of thinking about what others are posting and the “obligation” to post an aspect of your life.

2. Acquire new knowledge

Knowledge is power. Reading or learning new skills brings you more benefits in life than spending all day on social media. This allows you to focus on something new and put social media aside. The possibilities for online learning are almost unlimited.

3. Do activities that create peace

When you choose an activity that you enjoy or that suits your lifestyle, e.g. B. Yoga, meditation, exercises for personal development or running, dancing, keep in touch with yourself.

It will help you reduce your anxiety. Remember, it is not necessary to go on a great trip, to be with a lot of people, to go to a party. It’s just about being good with yourself joy in English.

4. More time alone with you

When you are usually in constant motion and surrounded by many people, you need to start your moments where you can enjoy yourself and the peace that solitude brings. Simple activities like watching a movie at home, spending the afternoon reading, or strolling in a park will allow you to reconnect with yourself.

5. Learn to enjoy every moment

The premise is simple: enjoy the present and don’t worry about what isn’t happening in the future. Many people regret having lived based on expectations or illusions.

These tips will help you be more JOMO, to reach a state of happiness, well-being, and peace, and enjoy life.

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