These are the 3 ways you can thank your father

Avoid typical gifts such as ties or lotions, take note of these ideas and show how much you love him.

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These are the 3 ways you can thank your father
These are the 3 ways you can thank your father

There are several ways to say “thank you” on Father’s Day that are as unique as the relationship, as you have passed the era of fine art with macaroons and are probably tired of giving him ties just like your father gets them with the.

Have an experience

Share it with your father. Photo:

What does your father like to do? Don’t just give him something physical, but give him an experience as a gift. Don’t go straight to golf just because you do it with your colleagues on weekends. Research and find out what you like to do or what you always wanted to try (maybe you can do it together). Ask your friends or list other family members.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to drive a racing car or dream of going fishing. How about an introductory flight class? Check around the airport to see if there are schools that offer one-hour courses for learning or if there are simulators that come very close to the actual experience.

Think outside the box and show your father that it is really important to you to buy an experience that you can share instead of a physical gift. Especially in moments like the one we’re experiencing right now.

Customize it

Think outside the box and show your father that you really care about sharing with him. Photo:

I don’t mean a monogram or its initials on something. Choose something ultra custom that you can wear.

Does your father live far away or does he travel so much that an Android tablet or iPad with Facetime or Skype could bring the family closer together? If you’re already tech-savvy, try something that runs the rest of the year. Does your father like whiskey? Why not give him a membership and he gets a new whiskey every month so he can remember how loved he is all year round?

He tries to think of something that can benefit him and invests this money to help him have something that he would never buy.

Try a service


Fathers are famous for doing things themselves. You could do your job like someone who mows the lawn of your house for six months so they can do what they like best.

How about an annual gym, pool, or (only if you really like) golf membership? If everything else fails, try getting a one-year gift certificate for oil changes or other vehicle details from the local mechanic.

Fathers are very handy, so give them a service they really use and say “thank you” for all the things they have done for you over the years.

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