These are some specifications that need to be followed

The admission of children is staggered and in compliance with strict health protocols to avoid COVID-19 infections in the facilities.

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These are some specifications that need to be followed
These are some specifications that need to be followed

After months of inactivity and two postponements, the kindergartens have opened Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) They will open their doors to help working mothers who need a safe space to leave their children behind at work.

In a statement, social security warned that activities in 1,416 daycare centers would resume. The opening process will be staggered and will follow the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the traffic light of the epidemiological risk in which the population is in the city.

“At the entrance to the kindergarten, a hygiene station was set up to measure the temperature. It is checked that there are no signs or symptoms before entering, and it must also be checked whether the children have their vaccination plan completely for their age. Alcohol gel with a base of 60 to 80 percent is also applied to them, and the correct hand washing technique published by the WHO is widely used, “said Paulina Balderas Sánchez, director of ordinary nursery school number 43, as reported


All kindergarten staff have provided training and support to get them back to work safely and have tried to give them the greatest confidence so that they can carry out the activities in the most normal way they can.

Balderas also explained that all workers have face masks, masks, gloves, and a dress that they wear when they receive boys and girls.

During the instance of the little ones, environmental hygiene processes are continuously carried out in the facilities and it is continuously monitored whether someone has symptoms of discomfort.

“If a child is discovered with an obvious sign or symptom of an illness or is at an elevated temperature, health care personnel are ready to issue an assessment sheet that should help parents to go to their UMF enrollment or to the doctor, particularly that they are opt for their investigation, “he added.

When a minor infected with COVID-19 is identified, the family is notified and the Kindergarten and Epidemiological Department of the Family Medicine Support Unit are informed to continue with the specified measures.

“If three confirmed cases are found in a room, the room should be closed. Three rooms closed for COVID-19 cases, the kindergarten must be closed. Always pay attention to the specifications that our epidemiologist has published from the member department, “he added.

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