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These are Nafin’s training and technical assistance programs for MSMEs

March 31, 2020

They will provide free diagnosis to detect areas of opportunities, as well as courses on entrepreneurship, credit, finance and the Tax Incorporation Regime (RIF).

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In order to contribute to promoting a faster recovery of micro, small and medium-sized companies, Nacional Financiera (Nafin) intensifies its training and technical assistance, aimed at providing them with work tools to reduce risks, as a strategic component of promotion .

These are Nafin’s training and technical assistance programs for MSMEsThese are Nafin’s training and technical assistance programs for MSMEs

The training and technical assistance program, which is completely free, is aimed at providing useful information in different areas of Business Management, Corporate Governance and Energy Efficiency, and can be accessed through

With these supports, entrepreneurs increase the probability that their project will be born, if they are entrepreneurs, or that it will grow and develop, if they are small entrepreneurs.

Nacional Financiera's experience guides entrepreneurs to have access to innovative tools in the business field, because their success represents the generation of more jobs.

Therefore, within the framework of the Training and Technical Assistance Program, the Business Continuity Plan has been made available to MSMEs, in the event of eventualities and how to carry out the economic reactivation.

Women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are also trained on how to sell in small and medium-sized companies, customer service and how to prepare business plans and investment projects.

Legal aspects of credit and a tax guide for business are covered in courses to train them on how to obtain a microcredit.

Additionally, it guides entrepreneurs on how to efficiently promote their product or service, strategic planning.

In addition to access to financing, Nacional Financiera also has the institutional mission of facilitating MSMEs access to other Training and Technical Assistance services for their business development, which promote innovation, improve productivity, competitiveness, job creation and regional growth.

Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to apply hygiene measures, keep #SanaDistancia and, above all, stay at home, Nafin makes its contact channels available to the public, where they can obtain support information for their Products and services: Telephone: 800 2000 215 and email :

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