These are DiDi’s actions in the fight against the coronavirus

The food mobility and delivery company will implement these support and prevention measures in times of COVID-19.

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Given the current situation and in preparation for the growth of COVID-19 cases in Mexico as announced by the federal government, DiDi and DiDi Food will implement actions to make travel and deliveries as safe as possible and thus contribute to the decrease of the possibilities of contagion.

These are DiDi’s actions in the fight against the coronavirus
These are DiDi’s actions in the fight against the coronavirus

Among the initiatives that the company will be deploying and evaluating according to the health situation in the country is support for infected drivers or delivery drivers.

“A special aid fund was created for drivers and delivery drivers affected by COVID-19. It will reach $ 10 million dollars to support the international markets where the company operates. Affected individuals may request financial support from the fund, which may cover a maximum of 28 days of earnings, ”DiDi explains in a statement.

Likewise, its drivers will have the opportunity to obtain a protective plastic division that separates the front from the rear inside the vehicle in order to reduce the probability of contagion.

Like other mobility companies , DiDi will temporarily suspend its carpooling, provide sanitizing material for its driver and delivery partners, and offer training on how to properly sanitize their units.

In the event that one of its members is positive for COVID-19, the firm will inform the network of people with whom it had contact, to warn of possible contagion.

Meanwhile DiDi Food will encourage deliveries without direct contact between restaurant staff, the delivery person and the end customer. For this the company will give recommendations to its partners.

Likewise, it will provide its restaurant partners with security labels in order to encourage them to adequately seal the packages and thus protect food.

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