These are 7 financing options for LGBTQ + entrepreneurs

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Do you own a company and identify yourself as LGBTQ +? If so, you know that discrimination is always there and that there is not always legal protection. The LGBTQ + community It also has to deal with financial instability, with particularly high rates of poverty and homelessness and lower incomes compared to the rest of the population.

These are 7 financing options for LGBTQ + entrepreneurs
These are 7 financing options for LGBTQ + entrepreneurs

Of course, you can be as successful LGBTQ + businessAnd here are seven useful funding opportunities in the US that we can learn from.

1. National LGBT Chamber of Commerce


In the United States, the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) is a national organization that acts as a voice for millions of LGBTQ + owners and also offers a certification program for most LGBTQ + companies.

They also have a Diversity Initiative (SDI), a business tool to connect with large corporations, government agencies, and other certified companies. This facility certifies trading companies for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and is looking for ways for them to become more involved in government and corporate acquisition processes.

2. Local chambers of commerce


In the United States, entrepreneurs can use the resources of their local chambers of commerce because the National Chamber has offices in 30 states and in the country’s capital. These offices connect them to local businesses and resources, including banks.

3. Financial institutions for Community development

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These institutions are private organizations that focus on loans and loans for vulnerable groups. Banks, accelerators, credit unions and investors enter here.

4. Invest angels

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Does your company have great growth potential? If so, the angel investors might be interested. In the United States, Gaingels is investing with other companies to influence social progress by investing in LGBTQ + management companies. They also invest in growing companies that can affect the arrival of LGBTQ + talent in leadership positions.

There is also Pipeline Angels, which invests in women and non-binary entrepreneurs. O Republic, a company that focuses on different entrepreneurs of all genders and offers opportunities outside of California and New York.

5. Small Business Administration

The SBA supports an LGBTQ + network in the hope of promoting the economic empowerment of the community and access to its programs and services. Several district offices have strategic alliances with the LGBTQ + community.

6. StartOut

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StartOut is an NGO that serves LGBTQ + entrepreneurs and companies who want to increase the number, variety and impact of business owners. Events include educational opportunities, networking and award ceremonies.

The StartOut Rising program extends the reach of the NGO to cities in which they are not yet present and offers LGBTQ + entrepreneurs the opportunity to network via MeetUp.

7. Other diversity programs

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In addition to the NGLCC’s Diversity Initiative, there are other places where your company is considered diverse if you are part of the LGBTQ + community and have a company. In 2015, Massachusetts was the first state to include LGBTQ + companies in its diversity program.

Marriott has a diversity program for its providers that incorporates LGBT + into the definition of diversity itself. The same Ford and IBM. According to the report of the human rights campaign, 193 of the Fortune 500 also have this type of program.

Additional tip: traditional financing

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LGBTQ + owners can and should always seek the same type of funding as any other company. The options are among banks, investment firms, crowdfunding, etc. Many providers open their portfolios to companies that meet certain criteria, e.g. B. Good business loans.

In Mexico there is the Mexican Federation of LGBT + s, which works for a Mexico with equal opportunities for all people. The FMELGBT is the official and nonprofit organization that gives voice, visibility, and visibility to businesses, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, professionals and talents who identify as part of the LGBT + community and work together to strengthen the sector economically , multinational corporations, government agencies and civil society organizations to create business opportunities, rules, policies and regulations to promote inclusion and diversity in business and work.

As times continue to change, there is a much greater chance that funding opportunities are increasing and that LGBTQ + owners will finally succeed in the same field as their peers.

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