These are 5 beliefs that are annihilating your success

Do you want to become a full entrepreneur? Get these toxic ideas out of your head.

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In the business world, a correct state of mind can achieve amazing things. You can turn a person into an entrepreneurial leader, and take any business to the next level. On the contrary, there are some beliefs that are really toxic to your career. These are the five worst I know.

These are 5 beliefs that are annihilating your success
These are 5 beliefs that are annihilating your success

1. “That will not happen”

There are a lot of toxic beliefs that float in the business environment, but perhaps none as dangerous as the idea that something cannot happen. Think of all the great startups. What did you do? They saw a problem and found a creative way to solve it ; They built a bridge between two points. Its success comes from having visualized a complicated task and said: “I can do it”. How many times do you say to yourself “I can't do it”? If the answer is “more than zero”, it is time for you to delete the phrase from your vocabulary before it ends your chances of success.

2. “You can't overcome fear”

The business world can be daunting, and a special type of person is required to take the first step. Any successful entrepreneur can see the fear he felt when he entered the realm of business, and frankly, it would be worrisome if he hadn't felt that way at first. I know I felt it. However, there is no excuse for remaining in fear : overcoming it is one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship. Do whatever it takes to beat it; Tell yourself how wonderful you are every time you look in the mirror, if that's what you need. Just don't look at fear as an insurmountable obstacle.

3. “It will happen over time”

No, it won't be like that. You have to make it happen, and the passive mentality that accompanies this thought indicates bigger problems: laziness, lack of motivation and, in general, apathy. Success does not “happen” ; It comes as a result of hard work. The chances of an entrepreneur's success are void if this thought exists in his head. s should not expect things to happen to them. While it is true that they will receive support on their way to success, it is also true that it depends on their ability to focus and make it a reality.

4. “I am better than everyone else”

Several times I mentioned that any entrepreneur must be sure of himself, but there is a thin line between that and being arrogant. There are those who convince themselves that they are better than their peers and end up taking away people who could become great business partners. ship is not about beating everyone else; It involves weaving a network of bright minds , eager to push projects. Isolating yourself will not impress anyone, it will only reduce your chances of being successful.


5. “I am not qualified”

As a counterpoint, I know too many brilliant people who doubt what they do because they don't believe they are capable of moving forward. They think they will be perceived as a kind of fraud. “When we started to have a projection, we had meetings with large companies that wanted to collaborate with us on various projects. I used to go with the mentality that they did us a favor by receiving us, and that we should say yes to everything they offered us as long as the project happened, ”explains Jim Snediker, founder and CEO of Stock Mfg. Co.

“I quickly realized that every great company is made up of a handful of people trying to make their mark, just like us. They had called us for a reason, so I didn't have to think we were lucky to be there. ”

If you trust your work and it gets recognition, your way of thinking is the only obstacle that prevents you from achieving success. Remember often how qualified you are to achieve it: you will surely surprise yourself again and again, and your success will no longer be on the tightrope.

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