These 7 authors share their personal stories to improve your lifestyle

Why learn from your own mistakes? This is old-fashioned thinking, let alone a waste of time trying to improve on a personal level. It’s much more effective at improving yours lifestyle listen to the advice of those who have been through it.

But don’t think it will be that easy. There is still some effort left to go by reading some first thought-provoking books.

These 7 authors share their personal stories to improve your lifestyle
These 7 authors share their personal stories to improve your lifestyle

If you’ve stumbled upon an obstacle in life and feel like you have nowhere else to go, take one of these measurements. Each writer focuses on sharing rare lessons that could simply recalibrate your internal GPS and lead to better times. So grab a bottle of water, sit in your favorite chair, and mute your phone. You have a bit of self-discovery ahead of you.

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1. Peter McGraw – Shtick to Business: What the Masters of Comedy Can Teach You, How to Break Rules, Be Fearless and Build a Serious Career

Being the life of the party won’t make you successful, but learn to learn how a comedian can. According to behavioral economist Peter McGraw, using and caring for your cells with humor could boost your career. ‘Shtick to Business’ examines the traits that make comedians fun. He shows how mimicking these traits can help you move forward in any situation, be it social or professional. You will learn to unlock new channels from creativity, adaptability, elasticity already to take risks.

2. Jerry Ford – Guns, drugs, or fortune

Nobody can tell Jerry Ford that money is a solution in itself. He knows it is best used as a tool to build personal wealth. Growing up on the streets of Detroit, Ford soon found that if he wanted to achieve financial security, he had to learn how money works and stop overworking in the process. If you’re looking for solutions to leverage passive, earned, and portfolio-based income to become a master of money management, Ford’s book, Guns, Drugs, or Wealth can help.

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3. Dr. Dennis Rebelo – Story as you mean it

Storytellers have had a special place in society for thousands of years. However, most of us feel that we do not have the necessary gift to communicate like Shakespeare or Twain. Here Dr. Help Dennis Rebelo’s “Story Like You Mean It”. During his career, Rebelo developed a proven and reproducible way to help ordinary people create personal narratives that make building serious and meaningful relationships an integral part of their being. From exploring plot creation methods to how to powerfully convey your story, you will experience great revelations as you study this addicting read.

4. Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger and Wilson Pang – Real world AI

What has artificial intelligence (AI) got to do with improving your daily life? Co-authors Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger and Wilson Pang know the answer and share it in their work. Your views will help shape your opinion on the implications and possibilities of AI. Learn story after story about the wonderful inventions of AI that are transforming humanity in ways you won’t see anywhere else. After studying “Real World Artificial Intelligence” you will have a working understanding of concepts like “The Goldilocks Problem” and the maturity of AI that can help you become more professional.

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5. Eva Yazhari – The good that your money can do

Sure, you are spending some of your money and distributing the wealth. But are you doing something for the future of the world? Eva Yazhari believes in the practice of conscious investing, in which you consciously use your money to achieve a certain effect that could have a positive effect for generations to come. If you’re excited to be making a difference with your wallet in a revolutionary and unconventional way, you will appreciate learning how money can do it in The Good That Your Money Can.

6. Marney Andes – Start with give-me shots

When Marney Andes grew up on her family’s farm, her father kept sharing his wisdom with her. Now Andes graciously returns the favor in her book “Start with Give-Me Shots” by sharing the unique lessons of life that grounded and advanced her. Get ready for a few simple stories and tips that are told with a touch of homely charm. Andes may have worked with cattle, but you won’t find a trace of that in his sensitive recommendations. In fact, you will find yourself nodding with advice like “work while others rest” They sound very simple, but they are rarely used.

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7. Patrick Strubbe – The secret of retirement

Is the prospect of a shaky retirement keeping you awake at night? Do you sweat at the thought of reaching retirement age? Eliminate those nightmares by making Patrick Strubbe your aging mentor. His relaxed tone and positive approach to asset management in “The Secret of Retirement” will remove many of your financial worries. It doesn’t matter if you’re early or late in your career – Strubbe is the person who answers your upcoming retirement questions so you can move on and look after your financial future well.

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