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There will be Today is not circulating generalized in CDMX as of Thursday, by phase 3

April 22, 2020

Due to phase 3 of the coronavirus contingency, the head of the CDMX Government announced that as of Thursday there will be no circulation for all cars. In addition, 20% of the metro and metrobús stations will be closed.

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There will be   Today is not circulating   generalized in CDMX as of Thursday, by phase 3There will be Today is not circulating generalized in CDMX as of Thursday, by phase 3

Due to the declaration of phase 3 of the contingency by COVID-19, the head of the CDMX government, Claudia Sheinbaum, reported the new measures that will be applied to the Mexican capital.

The first of them consists in the establishment of the Today does not circulate temporarily for all private cars, regardless of their hologram. The measure is effective as of Thursday, April 23, 2020 . The does not circulate excludes taxis, transporters and cars that transport the elderly, sick or disabled.

The head of government clarified that the measure applies to cars regardless of the hologram (00,0,1,2) only on the day it does not circulate, according to the last digit of the license plate.

Source: Claudia Sheinbaum

“The objective of the measure is to balance essential people outings on the days of the week.”

Claudia Sheinbaum.

Another measure is the closure of 20% of the Metro and Metrobús stations. Although they have not yet been specified which ones, he also confirmed that the measure includes Light Rail.

“This will allow to increase the speed of the frequency of the trains and of the buses in the stations of greater demand, where more people gather. If the trains and buses go faster, there will be less congregation of people,” he added.

Finally, it announced the agreement with the concessioned public transport system and the Public Transport Network (RTP), which consists of increasing the frequency of circulation. The measure seeks to avoid crowds on buses, generating greater social distancing.

To the foregoing, he added that the verification of the activities of companies will also be intensified , with the intention of sanctioning those who have not stopped their activities. Of course, it excluded those who are within the category of essential activities.

To date, 2,710 cases of Covid-19 have been added, 190 regrettable deaths in CDMX. So far there have been 590 piped people. According to the official, we are at the time of greatest risk of infection.

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