There are no excuses! Start an active life today

Believe it or not, a healthy life is good for your business and for you. Learn about the benefits of being an entrepreneur who eats well and exercises.

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There are no excuses! Start an active life today
There are no excuses! Start an active life today

Have you ever thought about how your daily routine can affect your work, focus, and even your personal life? ONE Active life is a fundamental pillar in your everyday lifeand it affects your performance more than you think.

As you keep your mind and body healthy, you will become more focused, have more and better ideas, and help you Better plan your activities. and it shows in the results of your project. That is why we want to give you a number of keys to help you apply today’s active living philosophy.

When we speak of active life, we are referring to a Change in your eating routine and in the practice of physical exercise. It’s not that you suddenly change all of your habits, but it is about making small changes that you will really notice. When you start a new project, Why not start a new life?

philosophy Mindfulness, famous among entrepreneurs

In addition to improving your general physical condition, eating well has a lot to do with your health performance. You need to use the foods that will give your body the energy it needs to overcome any challenge. Eating can also be an activity that you really enjoy. That is why we recommend that you look at the mindfulness philosophy. I still don’t know what it is

It’s about being fully aware of all of the food that you put on your plate and knowing its shape, smell and taste. It’s a new way of looking at food known under new business areas like entrepreneurship. Will you try

You can and use Try new recipes or follow a guide to eat varied and balanced meals each day and notice the results as soon as possible. Check out this free guide to healthy recipes, you are sure to get some ideas!

In addition, establishing a routine of moderate exercise will help you Better concentrate on your everyday life and feel better with you.

Keys to an active life even when you don’t have time

We know that during your ongoing project, sometimes you don’t have time to think about what you are going to eat. So we’re going to suggest a few simple changes that you can make and enjoy. away from home too:

Introduce foods that will improve your performance

Fatty acids and omega 3: They’re found naturally in foods like salmon and avocado and can improve your concentration

Blueberries: Not only is this fruit high in vitamin C, but it can also help prevent colds

Walnuts and almonds: Because they are high in phosphorus, they can improve your mental performance and keep you very alert. In addition, they have great energy

Banana: The vitamin B6 it contains helps in the production of concentration-related neurotransmitters such as dopamine

Get moderate exercise

Instead of using the car, go: If your work is near home, not using the car and walking is already a good excuse. If not, you can always leave it a little further away and take the opportunity to go for a morning walk

Take the stairs instead of the elevator: When you incorporate this routine into your daily life, you will not only do cardiovascular exercises, but you will also strengthen your leg muscles. You can burn an extra amount of calories and calculate how many you need to consume for a healthier life

Start a team sport: In addition to the clear benefits for your physical health, sharing a hobby with coworkers or friends improves empathy and overall mental health. Remember, there are a number of recommendations that you need to consult with your doctor first and follow a number of recommendations to avoid injury

Meditate: As you devote a few minutes a day to meditation, you will improve your breathing and focus, and therefore learn to better concentrate on your daily tasks.

As you can see, if you follow these simple recommendations for active living, you’ll embrace one new routine that can bring you very good results in the short term. With small changes in your diet and exercise program, you can improve your physical and mental health. Do you dare to try? With this change, you will become more attentive, creative, and get your project done.

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