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There are already 35 people killed by the earthquake in Albania, the worst in decades

November 28, 2019


The death toll from the 6.4 earthquake on the Richter open scale that shook Albania on Tuesday has increased to 35, according to the latest data provided by the authorities.

Durres and Thumana are the two localities most affected by the earthquake, which is already the worst of the last decades, according to information from local television Klan, which indicates that so far 47 people who were trapped by the rubble have been rescued.

“The number of fatalities from the devastating earthquake rose to 35, there are hundreds of wounded and, in addition, 47 people were rescued from the rubble,” said the newspaper 'Albanian Daily News', which cites emergency services.

According to the authorities, at least 25 people remain missing. Countries like Greece, Italy or Turkey, in addition to the European Union, have sent help to Albania to carry out the search.

A video posted on Facebook by Prime Minister Edi Rama shows a Greek rescuer taking a 19-year-old boy from Durres from the rubble.

At the moment it is estimated that there are more than 650 injured, of which 32 are in a critical situation. In addition, more than 2,000 people have lost their homes, of which 700 have sought refuge in the improvised shelters in Thumanes and another 1,450 in Durres and its surroundings.

The earthquake was preceded and followed by hundreds of tremors, including some replicas of magnitude 5. According to an Albanian seismologist consulted by the DPA news agency, since Tuesday there have been 540 shocks.