The youngest trader on Wall Street announced that she was making just 245,000 Mexican pesos a year

Lauren Simmons wrote history as the woman Dealers most recent full-time in Wall street to the 22 years. She was also the second African American woman to have worked as a stock trader since the US was founded New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1792.

“In 2017, I said no to the beliefs that restricted me from being able to say yes, to breaking glass ceilings and making history. I keep betting on myself and overcome the no that people throw at me on the street. To be honest, I like people who doubt me “Simmons continued to share Instagram.

The youngest trader on Wall Street announced that she was making just 245,000 Mexican pesos a year
The youngest trader on Wall Street announced that she was making just 245,000 Mexican pesos a year

Simmon’s story went viral. It caught media attention and received a wide variety of invitations to speak. The boys, of course Dealers He made only $ 12,000 (about 245,000 Mexican pesos) a year with your full time job.

“Although I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity and springboard, I appreciate him more for the life experiences he has given me, because frankly, not all that glitters is gold.”Simmons shared in an article he wrote for Business Insider.

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From full-time student to Wall Street trader

Simmons received his Bachelor of Science degree in Genetics from Kennesaw State University in 2016. According to his LinkedIn profile, Simmons started working at Saks Inc. before graduation. After graduating, she continued to work there as an associate business analyst and sales manager, leading a team of employees and collaborators Selling over $ 15,000 per day.

Then Simmons got a chance Rosenblatt Securities in 2017. As a trader in shares of the NYSESimmons managed the flow of customer orders with a face value greater than $ 150 million a day. He has also worked in various financial sectors for buying and selling institutions.

“I fell in love with numbers and fast movements and men in merchant bags and everything moved so fast and I love it.”he told Joe Miller from the BBC.

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Understand the value

After almost two years as a stock trader Simmons left the company on Wall Street go your own way.

“It was an exciting and fast new environment in which I gained a lot. I also only made $ 12,000 a year on the apartment so my joy and enthusiasm were pure. “Lauren shared on Business Insider.

When his social media followers discovered Simmon’s annual salary, they were shocked. A contact from LinkedIn He asked if he meant $ 120,000 a year instead of $ 12,000. Lauren revealed that her family was able to support her during this time. Another supporter asked if his job was an internship or if the 12,000 were a typo. Simmons confirmed that it wasn’t an internship.

In her article, Lauren talks about the barriers black women face in finance. “While no one was overtly racist, sexist, or inappropriate to my face, it was evident that there was an implicit camaraderie that I would never participate in.”.

Lauren recognizes the team of people who have been committed to her success as a capital trader. But she admits it wasn’t a difficult decision for her. Exit the New York Stock Exchange and go to the next chapter. The young Wall Street pioneer prepares to present a new digital series. ‘Publish’and ready to start your book.

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