The Yamina movement and the Yesh Atid party basically agree to oust Netanyahu from power

The leaders of the conservative movement Yamina and the Center Party Yesh Atid, Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid have reached an agreement in principle to support a grand coalition of parties which, if they achieve a virtual majority in parliament, will mean leaving power would of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a statement released after a brief meeting this morning, Yamina endorsed Bennett’s efforts to establish a new executive “and avoid the fifth election” through the pact with Lapid, who now has the mandate to form a government.

According to sources in the Times of Israel, Bennett is preparing to appear before the media this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. local time to cover the details of this deal, which, if all goes as planned, would move him. as the new Israeli Prime Minister after 12 consecutive years of Netanyahu’s tenure.

The Yamina movement and the Yesh Atid party basically agree to oust Netanyahu from power
The Yamina movement and the Yesh Atid party basically agree to oust Netanyahu from power

Yamina’s meeting was marked by the absence of Deputy Amichai Chikli, who opposed the agreement with Lapid’s party, but his opposition shouldn’t pose an obstacle to the majority mentioned above, especially given that Ayelet Shaked, number two in the party, was his The agreement appears to have given its approval despite his dislike of the reaction of the most conservative sectors of the movement.

The coalition that Bennett and Lapid are preparing would include parties from the right (Yamina movement, Israel Beytenu and Nueva Esperanza), center (Yesh Atid, Blue-White coalition) and left (Labor Party, Meretz) with indirect support from the arab party. The Islamist Raam, in a unity government that wants to get Israel out of two years of political chaos, is leading the country’s recovery from the coronavirus and healing social divisions in a deeply divided nation.

This so-called “bloc of change” with six out of seven seats from Yamina would have 57 MPs who, in addition to Raam’s tacit support, would get a majority of 61 seats in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, which would enable the formation of a government.

According to Israeli TV broadcaster 12 and Kan News, Bennett has decided to join Lapid to form a joint mandate that will see Bennett serve as Prime Minister until September 2023, followed by Lapid, who will take office until November 2023. 2025.

The announcement could be made on the same Sunday evening, according to these media, and he could visit the country’s president, Reuven Rivlin, tomorrow to inform him of the success of the talks. If they fail, Lapid’s term expires in four days. After that, the exhaustion of the population would force the country to hold its fifth election in two years.

Netanyahu’s party, the Likud, issued a tough statement after hearing the news accusing Bennett of avoiding the fifth election as an “excuse” to gain power at all costs.

“Bennett knows full well that every time he joins the right, a right-wing government will be formed,” notes the conservative Likud.

“The only consistent thing about Bennett is that he is deceiving his constituents and the rest of right-wing voters and throwing away the ‘principles’ he talked about in order to be prime minister at all costs,” the note concludes.

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