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The “Yakuza” in times of the new coronavirus pandemic

May 1, 2020

The Wuhan pandemic of the new corona virus has led to a health crisis in Japan in which various groups of the “Yakuza”, the Japanese mafia, are trying to clean up their image by performing altruistic tasks such as free distribution of supplies while others organized criminal groups of fewer veterans are trying to take advantage of the situation by selling sanitary ware.

The pandemic and restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have become the new “battlefield” of organized Japanese criminal groups, in a scenario where the “Yakuza” veteran groups are Japanese Literally “good for nothing” – they try to gain social acceptance by performing tasks such as delivering supplies to weak buyers or even cleaning up the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship, which has become the main focus of the corona virus around the world. Country with more than 700 infected.

“In this way, ‘Yakuza’, which has been negatively perceived in recent years, is confident of achieving social acceptance,” said Garyo Okita, journalist and expert for ‘Yakuza’, the network of journalists. Research project on information on corruption and organized crime (OCCRP).

The “Yakuza” in times of the new coronavirus pandemicThe “Yakuza” in times of the new coronavirus pandemic

Given the position of the veteran groups that make up the “Yakuza”, the younger organized criminal groups known as “hangers” are trying to take advantage of the current crisis by secretly selling medical supplies.

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