The XIV Conference of the National Cryptological Center will receive lectures until next October 5th

The STIC CCN-CERT conference is taking place for the fourteenth time this year under the motto: “New challenges, same commitment”, the CCN-CERT will remain open until October 5th, the deadline for submitting proposals (Call For Papers). The presentations of the participants must be designed on topics such as cyber espionage and blockchain technology, among other things, as reported on the website of the Cryptographic Center of Spain on August 24th.

From November 30th to December 4th, the XIV STIC CCN-CERT conference will take place in Madrid (Kinépolis – City of Images), which will bring together the whole community working to protect Spanish cyberspace: government and public administrations (including the public institutions they oversee such as INCIBE, the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Command, and the National Police), corporations, universities, and the citizens themselves who are interested in network security with the common goal of creating a society safe and reliably digital for everyone, explained the CCN statement.


This XIV edition of the most important cybersecurity event in Spain, organized by the National Cryptographic Center CCN, will take place “under the new normal”.Follow all safety protocols recommended by health authorities due to the situation created by COVID-19 worldwide, for which two scenarios occur:

The XIV Conference of the National Cryptological Center will receive lectures until next October 5th
The XIV Conference of the National Cryptological Center will receive lectures until next October 5th

A first scenario (A) in which the event takes place behind closed doorswith streaming retransmission of all presentations and presence of authorities, speakers and organizations on site; and a second stage (B), in which the celebration will take place in person, with a reduced capacity of 30% of the capacity of the three rooms: Networking area and sponsors are available as well as streaming broadcasting.

For the first time, the conference will take place over five days (Monday to Friday) in three rooms: room 25, where the event will take place; Room 18, which broadcasts what is happening in room 25 in anticipation of the capacity constraint; and room 19, which is reserved in the morning for the CCN-CERT LABS workshops and in the afternoon for the sponsors’ presentations. ROOM 25.

Topics such as blockchain, technological innovation in cybersecurity, information exchange (exchange models), malware detection on client computers, national cybersecurity strategy, crisis management, operational networks, attacks and defense in industrial control systems, machine learning / deep learning for cybersecurity, compliance with legal regulations (ENS, NIS guideline, RGPD etc) are some of the points that those interested in attending the new edition of the STIC CCN-CERT conference should address.

STIC CCN-CERT conference

The National Cryptological Center, affiliated with the National Message Center of Spain, has been organizing the STIC CCN-CERT conference since 2007. These conferences are the main gathering of cybersecurity experts in Spanish and a benchmark in the international scene. On its way, this event was supported by state institutions: the royal house, the government, regional and local governments, as well as an important representative of Latin American countries.

The CCN carries out a wide range of information and awareness-raising activities in Spain and outside of Spain, within the functions it has entrusted with promoting the culture of cybersecurity. This year she signed an agreement with the EAN University of Colombia with the intention of internationalizing her STIC CCN-CERT conference in the South American country. This meeting is scheduled to take place on the 16th and 17th of 2021 in order to promote the exchange of knowledge and information between all Latin American countries and to promote the presence of sponsoring companies in this market.

This event has been held in December for the last 13 years. Last year, 3,300 people attended the XIII CCN-CERT 2019 conference under the motto “Community and Trust. Basics of Our Cybersecurity ”, which addressed issues such as threats, attacks and technological challenges; Cybersecurity prevention; military operations in space, disinformation among others.

Spain is a hub in blockchain technology

The blockchain is postulated as one of the new technologies that must accompany the innovation processes that companies are carrying out in the context of the digital transformation imposed by the new digital age and as a result of the current situation of CoVID-19.

In Spain, the company’s three most requested blockchain use cases are economic-commercial transactions, validation of digital identity and registration of contracts.

In this context, initiatives are emerging that aim to advance the development of blockchain technology and, above all, its use in the real professional context of industry and technology. This is the case in the Spanish section of the IEE within the framework of the IEE Blockchain Spain initiative, which will reward student research on blockchain to promote two consecutive aspects for the functionality of this technology: interoperability between networks and standardization of criteria and references. The prizes will be awarded during IEEE Day 2020, which will take place in October, as Cointelegraph pointed out in its publication last July.

The second online event also took place last month of this year in the form of a presentation and discussion table under the title “Economy, Blockchain and Fintech” to provide relevant information on Bitcoin, blockchain technology and financial technologies (Fintech).

In this way, Spain is promoting the creation and implementation of training and information plans in collaboration with industry to encourage new practices and use cases of these disruptive technologies in the new digital scenario. to have a direct impact on the Spanish economy and the level of innovation.

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