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The working lunch consisting of a gourmet menu that will be delivered to your desk or boardroom in a biodegradable box

January 28, 2020

With top quality ingredients and a sophisticated presentation, foodies entrepreneurs Tessa Schoor and Anne Seguy created Berlioz, a corporate catering service that allows you to enjoy food at any business meeting

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The working lunch consisting of a gourmet menu that will be delivered to your desk or boardroom in a biodegradable boxThe working lunch consisting of a gourmet menu that will be delivered to your desk or boardroom in a biodegradable box

Realizing that there was no gourmet offer designed to meet the specific needs of companies, Tessa Schoor (Mexican lawyer), together with Anne Seguy (graduated in International Business and French nationality), created a concept that reinvents the working luch through balanced menus , some vegetarians, gluten free or dairy free.

The firm, which was born in 2015 and whose name pays tribute to music composer Héctor Berlioz, offers food prepared by expert chefs in Mexican cuisine and pastry.

“Many executives spend their days attending long meetings with clients, with their teams or on international visits. We solve the complicated logistics of organizing a working lunch with a gourmet and practical corporate catering service in boxes ”, explains Anne who brings her experience in multinational companies and health startups to Berlioz.

There are different edible options for any time of the day. For breakfast, for example, they have fresh fruits, smoked salmon with avocado, sweet bread or organic yogurt, among others.

In the meal, the Blue Box that contains a mixture of cucumber with goat cheese, chicken ciabatta and chocolate brownie stands out. It also highlights the White Box that includes chopped vegetables, ciabatta BL and chocolate cake. The price ranges from 160 to 330 pesos.

Additionally, there is the coffebreak with assortment of 25 cupcakes for seven people or, salty snacks for five people of turkey with avocado.

Image: Courtesy Berlioz

For foodies entrepreneurs, attention to detail is essential, so delivery boxes are 100% biodegradable. The menu is added on the lid and cutlery and a napkin decorated with a flower are included inside.

The quality and flavor of the ingredients, as well as the elegant and sophisticated presentation are its main differentiators. In addition, since the food is cold, it does not generate bad odors in work spaces.

Simple logistics

About 200 boxes of food are delivered daily. Orders are requested 24 hours in advance (Monday through Sunday, from five in the morning until three in the afternoon) through the Berlioz website and payment is by card or electronic transfer. Billing is also done on the same portal.

“The client specifies the place and time at which the service is required. We prepare and deliver the boxes to the boardroom. We distribute throughout Mexico City and the metropolitan area, ”adds Anne.

The minimum order to manage the delivery is 1500 pesos, but it is also possible to do it for smaller amounts. In these cases, the client picks him up at the Berlioz offices or sends an Uber for him.

Team Berlioz: A solid team

Collaborative work is the basis of its success: while Tessa is responsible for the operation of the kitchen and deliveries, Anne is responsible for the development of business and finance; between both review the marketing.

“This operational excellence was thanks to the Berlioz culture that is a LOVE Brand in which each team member is passionate about what they do and feels 100% part of the project.

“The Berlioz team (of 15 people) remains virtually intact since its origin, which has been one of the company's great strengths. We have empowered people who know the processes perfectly and who want customers to repeat their purchase. ”

From the point of view of both, women act with passion and intuition and this is reflected in everything they do: from the product they create, the people they recruit and the customer service they offer.

“Two heads allow you to multiply the moments of happiness and divide the moments of frustration: both are very common feelings throughout an entrepreneurial project.

“You have to surround yourself with people who not only have the necessary skills but also believe in the project. It is important to persevere and not be afraid to fail. “We symbolize” failure when it is one of the best lessons of entrepreneurship, ”says Anne.

Constant growth

When they started the company in 2015, the initial investment was 600 thousand pesos. The expected turnover of 2019 is 10 million with an increase of 35% compared to the previous year.

Over four years, they have faced different challenges such as acquiring new customers through digital strategy (social media campaigns) and traditional prospecting when visiting companies and participating in expos and congresses.

They currently have more than 800 clients, mostly multinationals, including Chanel, Walmart, AXA, PepsiCo, Herman Miller and HM.

Since there are thousands of corporate meetings and events in the country that require food every day, both businesswomen accept their competition: Maison Kayser, Le Pain Quotidien, La Raclette or any catering company.

Image: Courtesy Berlioz

Although Berlioz is part of the 30 Forbes 2019 promises and they were finalists in the Martha Debayle “” program focused on rewarding entrepreneurs with the greatest potential to scale their business, Tessa and Anne know that they must remain at the forefront.

“We have just launched a new corporate catering proposal in boxes called 'Piropo'. It is about offering variety to our customers with 100% Mexican food in which the cake is the star. We expect an acceleration of our growth with the launch of this second brand, ”says Anne.

Customers: Your main engine

Tessa and Anne try to maintain a very close contact with their customers via telephone, since after each order they carry out a quality survey. They also send information about new products through newsletters and whatsapps. Even the delivery team is a direct communication channel to receive any complaint or suggestion.

“We do everything and think from the empathy of both our employees and our customers.

“Every day we receive messages in which they congratulate us and tell us that they can no longer do work meetings without Berlioz. They highly recommend us with their classmates and friends. This drives us to always do our best. ”

To recognize the loyalty of their best customers, each year they organize a Wellness Day in which they consent with massages, manicure, yoga, workshops to better manage stress in the office and tasting new products.

Berlioz has no franchises, since his focus is to win the entire market that they can in the capital before considering expanding to other cities and countries.

“We are a solution not only for work meetings but also for openings , show rooms, conventions, trainings or any event that seeks to surprise your guests,” concluded Anne Seguy.

Image: Courtesy Berlioz

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