The winner of the Flow Fire League finals wins 25% of the prize in cryptocurrencies

Last October 14th via the Twitter platform that Flow Fire League and Sesocio announced on their social network profiles that they have partnered to pay a certain portion of the price of the Fire League final in cryptocurrencies.

The final of the Flow Fire League Counter Strike tournament will take place in the second half of November in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at the FiReSPORTS Gaming Center, in which 12 teams will personally take part, which were rated in the QualiFiRe in the South Cone and in the Andes as well as in Brazil, North America and Iberia. The Flow Fire League has held the position of the CS: GO Regional League since September 2020.

SeSocio, for its part, is a platform dedicated to personal finance, but mainly focused on investing in cryptocurrencies.

â ???? This is another step in our goal at SeSocio to bring cryptocurrencies all over the world, to be part of their everyday life, and to do so through actions like this and financial education as a fundamental pillar to empower yourselfâ? ?? Gonzalo Aguilar, SeSocio’s marketing reseller, commented on the release on the ESB Esports Bureau portal. On the other hand, Aguilar gave the Clarín newspaper an exclusive in which he declared: “In order to preserve those who win and that what today symbolizes the value of the prize is preserved over time, we represent them with this coin that because of their form of creation they have the guarantee that they will receive a stable value. “

The winner of the Flow Fire League finals wins 25% of the prize in cryptocurrencies
The winner of the Flow Fire League finals wins 25% of the prize in cryptocurrencies

As this is the first edition to include cryptocurrencies as part of the prize that the winner receives, see belowWe only deliver 25% in digital currencies so that you can redeem it later or simply leave it in this denomination. In addition, the fact that cryptocurrencies have not been 100% socially accepted is a key factor in only distributing a certain percentage of the price in digital currencies.

According to the ESB Esport Bureau web portal, this integration of cryptocurrencies into the esports environment has not been seen since 2018when the Play2Live platform launched the LUC (Level Up Coin) token, a cryptocurrency typical of esports.

It is noteworthy how cryptocurrencies in the eSports ecosystem still have no active and notorious involvement, however, in March of this year, Polyient Games held decentralized online tournaments to unite the eSports ecosystem with that of the digital currencies in some way and so gradually to connect both worlds, for it will not be something that is done and achieved overnight.

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