Blockchain Center has compiled data for some of the largest Bitcoin (BTC) hodlers. since the Winklevoss twins to various scammers and hackers and even “zombie coins”.

Apparently, The twins have 150,000 BTC, which they place between the Bitfinex hackers who own 120,000 BTC and the Mt. Gox trustees who claim 166,000 BTC. A place above the latter We have found another notable scam, Plus Token Scammers, which allegedly own 200,000 BTC. Tim Draper reportedly only owns 30,000 BTC, as acquired at a state auction of coins from the Silk Road.

The Winklevoss Twins, Mt. Gox or the Plus Token scammers?The Winklevoss Twins, Mt. Gox or the Plus Token scammers?

Zombie coins are not bitcoins held by people who eat the undead. but the 1.5 million coins that we believe will be lost forever. The roughly This segment also includes 1.1 million bitcoins that were allegedly mined by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust is the largest institutional investment vehicle for Bitcoin, and it currently holds just over 400,000 BTC. The Lightning Network only has 1,000 BTC, while Ethereum (ETH) has blocked another 80,000.

With another 2.5 million Bitcoin expected to be put into circulation, Who knows who else might join this list in the decades to come?