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The WHO is developing an app that searches for Covid 19 symptoms

May 12, 2020

The agency is also considering a Bluetooth-based contact tracking feature.

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The WHO is developing an app that searches for Covid 19 symptomsThe WHO is developing an app that searches for Covid 19 symptoms

The World Health Organization (WHO) is preparing a Covid-19 application for people in countries with “few resources” to check for possible signs of coronavirus from home. To ReutersThe agency is also considering a contact tracking feature based on Bluetooth, similar to that implemented in other applications around the world.

The WHO application allows users to enter symptoms (high temperature, persistent cough) and then report the likelihood that they have been infected with the virus. Information such as how the test is performed will be adjusted based on location, he said Reuters Bernardo Mariano, WHO Chief Information Officer.

An undisclosed version of the program is expected to be released worldwide this month. Governments are also encouraged to access the API and launch a more personalized version for local constituents. Australia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States have already launched Covid-19 tracking apps that use Bluetooth to perform a “digital handshake” among smartphone owners.

In the meantime, the WHO is considering areas such as South America and Africa, which, it is said ReutersThey “may lack the technology and engineers” to develop such applications. “The value is really for countries that have nothing,” Mariano told the news site. “We would leave behind those who are unable to apply and who have fragile health systems.”

The team of engineers and designers working on the project consists of former employees of Google y Microsoftamong other developers who volunteer to build an open source platform that will be available through Github. WHO is currently considering adding a proximity tracking feature that is currently prohibited for privacy and legal reasons. “We want to make sure we avoid all the risks around him,” said Mariano about the program.

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