The White House formally announces that it does not cooperate á with the investigation about Trump’s ‘impeachment’


The White House has formally announced on Tuesday that it will not cooperate with the investigations in the face of the possible opening of a process of parliamentary impeachment ('impeachment') against the president of the country, Donald Trump.

Pat Cipollone, one of the White House lawyers, has argued in a letter sent to the president of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, and the chairmen of the committees that head the investigations, that it “has been designed and applied in a way that violates fundamental impartiality and due process, as provided by the Constitution. ”

The White House formally announces that it does not cooperate á with the investigation about Trump’s ‘impeachment’
The White House formally announces that it does not cooperate á with the investigation about Trump’s ‘impeachment’

He also stressed that the investigation, which he called “illegitimate” is “invalid” because there has been no vote for its opening, while he has argued that the purpose of it is to “influence presidential elections” of 2020.

“Never in our history has the House of Representatives, under the control of any political party, taken the American people along the dangerous path they seem determined to follow,” he criticized.

Thus, he said that “since the investigation lacks any constitutional foundation, any claim of impartiality or even the most elementary protections of due process, the Executive cannot be expected to participate in it.”

Cipollone has argued that “participating in this investigation under the current unconstitutional stance would inflict lasting constitutional damage to the Executive and lasting damage to the separation of powers, the president has no other choice.”

“In line with the duties of the president of the United States, and in particular his obligation to preserve the rights of future occupants of his office, Trump cannot allow his Administration to participate in this partisan investigation under these circumstances,” he added.

“The president cannot allow his constitutionally illegitimate procedures to distract him and those who work in the Executive from his work on behalf of the American people,” he said.

In this way, he stressed that “the president has a country to lead.” “The American people chose him to do this work and he remains focused on keeping his promises to the American people,” he said.


Specifically, he has criticized that the procedures “deny the president the right to cross-examine witnesses, call witnesses, receive transcripts of testimonies, access evidence, have a lawyer present and many other basic rights guaranteed to all Americans.”

“They have carried out their procedures in secret. They have violated civil liberties and separation of powers by threatening Executive officials by stating that they will seek to punish those who exercise their constitutional rights and fundamental prerogatives,” he added.

“Simply put, they seek to nullify the results of the 2016 elections and leave the American people without the president they freely chose,” while stressing that “many Democrats seem to consider the 'impeachment' not only as a means of giving reverse in the democratic results of the last elections, but as a strategy to influence the next, which are one year away. ”

Cipollone also recalled that the president “took the unprecedented step of giving the public transparency by declassifying and publishing his call with Zelenski” and pointed out that the transcript “clearly states that the call was totally appropriate and that there is no basis for the investigation “.

“The fact that there was nothing wrong with that call was strongly confirmed by the decision of (the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Commission, Adam) Schiff to create a false version of the call and read it to the people American at a congressional hearing, without saying he was making it up. ”

In this regard, he has also affirmed that “it has recently come to light that the complainant had contact with Schiff's office before filing the lawsuit” and pointed out that “Trump and his Administration rejects the unconstitutional and unfounded efforts to reverse the process democratic”.

“The president and his Administration cannot participate in his partisan and unconstitutional investigation under these circumstances,” said Cipollone, who has reiterated that the process “lacks the necessary authorization for a valid procedure for an impeachment.”

“The total disregard of the procedural safeguards established in previous investigations on an 'impeachment' show that the current procedures are nothing more than an unconstitutional exercise of the political arena,” he criticized.


In this way, he stressed that “the effort to carry out an 'impeachment' against Trump, regardless of the evidence on his actions in office, is a clear political strategy that started the day he swore in office, and perhaps even before”.

“The Founding Fathers did not create the extraordinary mechanism of the 'impeachment' so that it could be used by a political party that feared their prospects before a president in office in the following elections,” he argued.

“The decision on who will be elected president in 2020 must be in the hands of the American people, exactly where the Constitution puts it,” said Cipollone.

In addition, he lamented that “the political opponents of the president seem willing to transform the 'impeachment' of an extraordinary remedy that should rarely be complemented into a conventional political weapon to be deployed for partisan purposes.”


Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has said he will not cooperate with the House of Representatives investigation and has indicated that he cannot imagine anyone in the Administration who is willing to work with the Democrats in front of the investigation, according to information from the local newspaper 'The Washington Post'.

The words of the lawyer have taken place after the president of the Senate Judiciary Commission, Lindsay Graham, announced that he intended to call Giuliani to testify before the Commission.

The aforementioned US newspaper has gathered that Giuliani is “very interested” in accepting the offer but that there are a large number of legal problems to consider.


The president of the lower house has criticized the position of the White House and insisted that Trump “will be brought to justice.” “They should know that these continuous efforts to hide the truth about abuses of power by the president will be seen as more evidence of the obstruction of Justice that has been incurred,” Pelosi said in a statement.

“For a while, the president has tried to normalize illegality. Now he is trying to make illegality a virtue. The American people have already heard Trump's words. His actions jeopardize our national security, violate our Constitution and undermine the Constitution. integrity of our electoral process, “he warns.

Thus, Pelosi has labeled the Administration's decision to be “a last attempt to cover a betrayal against democracy” and a way of insisting when saying “that the president is above the law.”

“We see growing indications that the president abused his post and violated his oath,” he said before emphasizing that the tycoon “is not above the law.” “He will be brought to justice,” he stressed.

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