The Walking Dead invades Sandbox and a CryptoPunk is displayed in a Miami art gallery

The Walking Dead tokenized

The Ethereum-based NFT metaverse “The Sandbox” has teamed up with Skybound Entertainment to bring a The Walking Dead game to the virtual world.

The Walking Dead is famous thanks to the television seriesHowever, the story and characters are based on the original comics from Skybound Entertainment.

The sandbox is owned by NFT real estate and game developers Animoca, and the company describes it as “partly virtual real estate, partly amusement park”.. He already has an impressive list of collaborations including The Smurfs, The Care Bears, Atari, Deadmau5 and CryptoKitties.

The Walking Dead: The Sandbox Metaverse
The Walking Dead invades Sandbox and a CryptoPunk is displayed in a Miami art gallery
The Walking Dead invades Sandbox and a CryptoPunk is displayed in a Miami art gallery

“The team will give users the ability to get virtual real estate pieces near The Walking Dead’s location on the Metaverse so fans and gamers can be closer to their beloved brand than ever.”said the July 8 announcement.

The Walking Dead game gives users the opportunity to recreate playable stories and use characters from the series as Rick Grimes, Build assets in the game and buy and sell the assets in the sandbox market.

The sandbox metaverse will be made available to the public in alpha form in summer 2021. The game’s virtual terrains are in great demand. In February, Sandbox had two sales of $ 2.8 million EventsTO of NFT land sales.

Australian companies lease NFT

Three Australian companies have teamed up to launch mining and exploration leases that are stored as NFTs on the BSV blockchain.

The provider of end-to-end technology solutions Prime Technology Services will partner with Predict Ecology, an environmental and environmental consultancy, to develop blockchain infrastructure for mining company Progressive Minerals..

The use of NFT and blockchain technology will allow the company to improve its recordsthat stores accurate and transparent data that is verifiable on the blockchain.

The goal of Progressive Minerals is to transform the way mining companies work and to provide a level of data integrity and transparency for everyone involved. that has not yet been achieved, ”said Mathew Hancock, Managing Director of Progressive Minerals.

Miami ICA acquires NFT Crypto Punk

The Institute of Contemporary Art of Miami (ICA Miami) has acquired CryptoPunk 5293which will be exhibited this summer.

CryptoPunks NFT shows a woman with a purple lipstick and a mole, and was donated to the art museum by the manager Eduardo Burillo.

This was indicated in the ad The museum is committed to “promoting a broad understanding of contemporary art and encouraging experimentation”. ICA Miami Artistic Director Alex Gartenfeld said so Larva Labs had “revolutionized our understanding of the meaning of art objects and property” with the creation of CryptoPunks in 2017..

In doing so, they helped create a “crypto-art” movement that exemplifies the way our digital and physical worlds merge and mesh. inseparable, ”he added.

Mars escape

A new Mars-themed NFT project called “Mars Escape” is making its first NFT salewhich ends on July 26th.

The theme of Mars Escape focuses on the “concept trip” to the planet, and the platform hopes to encourage users to view the planet as a possible avenue for “luxury virtual travel”.

“We envision a world where luxury travel is not limited by geography and where people can access unique experiences from the comfort of their homes.”, read it on the website.

That’s kidding virtual reality “makes the possibility of a luxury vacation in space much more real …

Mars Escape NFTs present room-like bungalows, luxury resorts, motocross events and holographic butlers in the roomsto name a few.

The project has not confirmed whether it will expand to a full metaverse for the moment.

Mars Escape NFT


Despite a slowdown in NFT markets, Cointelegraph reported on July 7th that NFT revenue was $ 2.5 billion for the first half of this year, in stark contrast to $ 13.7 million in revenue for the same period in 2020.

A growing trend this year appears to be television and movie content associated with NFTs.. A new NFT marketplace called “Fly” announced earlier this month that the platform would host the sale of a new tokenized feature film starring Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins.

The film is called “Zero Contact” and the first release of one of its NFTs is planned for late July or early August.

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