The Venezuelan government approves resources in Petro for scientific projects to contain COVID-19

Last Friday, August 21st, the President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro approved resources in the state digital asset Petro «PTR» to try to develop scientific projects aimed at stopping the progress of COVID-19 in the Latin American country.

Through his usual daily report of contagion cases in the South American country The President announced the approval of resources for the plasma application and horse serum production projects at undisclosed amounts, as explained by his Minister of Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez.

In the interpellation during the national radio and television broadcast, the minister stated that the first project would be sought “To evaluate the behavior of T and B lymphocytes” in infected patients.

“This study of cell subpopulations will define how patients respond to COVID-19. In this way, we can assess whether the treatments are best suited to modulating the immune response,” said Jiménez.

The Venezuelan government approves resources in Petro for scientific projects to contain COVID-19
The Venezuelan government approves resources in Petro for scientific projects to contain COVID-19

The second project involves the production of hyperimmune serum from horses, which he has already mentioned for about twenty days and that at least 500 ampoules of these antibodies are expected to be packaged.

The minister also pointed out that these ampoules will be used in the third phase of a study for Venezuelan patients with the disease together with the Central University Hospital of Venezuela to determine their effectiveness.

“We are investigating how the immune system reacts to the infectious agent SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 disease,” said Jiménez.

For his part, Maduro stated his intention to evaluate the conditions for producing vaccines in the country to immunize the population, as well as the related agreements with Russia and China.

The approval of Maduro’s resources joins measures proposed in the recent past by other organizations associated with the national crypto-economy to halt the economic crises that have erupted in the oil country following the COVID-19 pandemic.

In April last year, the Venezuelan National Association of Cryptocurrencies “ASONACRIP” published a public document on its official Twitter account containing a number of recommended measures to deal with the likely economic crisis that would cause COVID-19 in the country for that time.

The non-profit organization responsible for promoting the use of Petro in the country, suggested, among other things, 335 petro lockers for each town hall in the country, Trust in PTR for employees, a percentage of compensation in digital currency for private companies and independent workers, credits in PTR for national companies, and payment of taxes in PTR for legal entities.

Until now, The government has applied the payment of taxes in PTR in the main affected communities to the government as well as credits for projects of national interestlike the one proposed last Friday.

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