The value of reflection in coronavirus times

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The value of reflection in coronavirus times
The value of reflection in coronavirus times

At the time of writing I am preparing a forced seclusion at home with my family and like millions of people in Mexico and around the world. Everything indicates that it will take several weeks, but nobody knows how many.

There is uncertaintyboth about what’s going to happen now and what’s going to happen, even if we get out of the health crisis, a rather difficult economic situation, in which the activities of everyone are upside down and for many, unfortunately, there is a risk of cancellation.

We try to organize ourselves to make this time of an already common concept bearable and profitable: social distancing. We are aware that it is about taking care of ourselves and being responsible to our community, at least not being infectious, which implies sacrifice and requires patience. While it is always difficult to change routines, it is even more difficult if you have to do it suddenly and with no clear deadlines.

As a result, some are surprised to have breakfast at one in the afternoon, and others start writing at two in the morning because they have been distracted by a television series or between being concerned and entertained Twitter or the chats from Whatsapp. After all, there are also “pearls of wisdom” in the restless river. For example, this meme that I received from an uncle who is being quarantined: “Please; Stop sending me coronavirus messages. Even my ringing cell phone coughs the bastard instead of ringing the bell.

Indeed, something that can work efficiently over time is to stop the constant supply of stimulation and distraction for a moment social networks. Every activity must be given space and time, and here I would like to recommend an article by the economist Macario Schettino, with good advice for newcomers to the Art of Home office.

You have to face habits that don’t always help and have a tendency to adapt and learn. If there is willpower and a basic discipline, we can progress alongside tolerance towards others who want to organize in the same organization: better prepared for what comes with charged energy and new clarity after we have discovered practices or attitudes, they were not favorable to us and strengths or opportunities that we did not have with new ideas and different ways of doing things and seeing the reality of the world and our own.

Rat race break

Such personal and social discoveries sometimes only occur in difficult times, especially when there is no choice but to stop and then look at life from a different perspective. The opportunity to think is a paradoxical gift, unsolicited but invaluable: it’s an opportunity to see what was there, but we didn’t notice it, blinded by the immediacy, the agenda, the noise of the media and networks, the Uses and customs.

The metaphor of the Rat racethat made popular Robert Kiyosaki When you talk about the financial dilemma of millions of people, sometimes you just stop, stop walking on the roller, and wonder why he is doing it and whether he wants to and it is in his best interest to keep running. Applicable for a life project as well as for a company, a country or the world.

Not because it’s a cliché, it stops being true and a renewable source of hope and progress that Every crisis is an opportunity. Under these circumstances, large companies and new products and services were born, as in the previous recession a Airbnb or Overand earlier like companies GE, Disney or Microsoft They also began in times of economic need.

In case of We work It is a very good example: although there are some financial problems today, in a way it is directly related to discovery or invention different than work: Do we all have to go to a place, building, or facility at the same time of arrival and departure? The economic contraction, the growth of independence or self-employed (for the same reason and technological disruptions) and an unforeseen pause to grasp the opportunity that was not taken because it was included in the race gave the guidelines for what is today Coworking.

In this sense, paths appear on the map amid widespread fear and growing pessimism. You just have to take them seriously, because artists can make a child’s dream or drawing like John Lennon With Lucy in the sky with diamonds, a job that opens horizons.

Such headlines are published today in The economist:: “”Covid butcher shop. Much of world trade has stopped. Some companies will never start again. “ But I also read interesting suggestions for public order, such as: innovative protection programs for self-employed persons whose income can be reduced in such emergencies. He wonders why there is no equivalent for families and SMEs when there are corporate bankruptcy laws and multi-million dollar rescue packages for businesses and banks.

Greater coverage of innovative business models from TelemedicineDistance learning or unemployment or pension insurance schemes based on the opportunities offered by technology Fintech and impact investment formulas and Mixed financing.

Write down your discoveries!

It would not be surprising that approaches that are utopian for many, such as guaranteed universal income, come into force under these circumstances. We must remember that the welfare state that accompanied the period of the greatest economic boom in the 20th century emerged after the trauma of World War II as a new social pact that, along with its terrible human costs, revealed alternatives and changed minds and hearts.

In your room in Scientific American, the atmospheric researcher Ben Santer makes an interesting approach to our time: “How is Covid-19 like climate change?“” There he learns some lessons from the crisis, which should be at the center of the global debate. He stressed that the pandemic is a major disruption to our complex governance systems, which is outside the scope of an attempt at nationalist control, and points out that “building effective international organizations and alliances is a much better way to reach a large one To survive the health crisis. global as alone ”.

As you said Amit Bouri, Co-founder and president of Global Impact Investing Network“The coronavirus pandemic underscores our global connectivity and interdependence. This extensive network of human connections is of course the way the virus moved around the world. Ironically, the same global connections are the solution. “

Who decides the fate of the Amazon: only Brazilians? To what extent is the sovereignty of a country or the discretion of a ruler in the face of an epidemic that recognizes no borders, such as B. a migration crisis or the underlying social and regional inequalities? When the challenges are more global, why do we accept these weakened international institutions? These are questions that need to be asked with openness and willingness to “think outside the box”: There is light to go in the dark and evaluate the most important thing.

I was impressed by the reading in the journalist’s opinion column Ricardo Rocha an original allegory about the writer Alessandro Baricco: It’s about promotions, combos, advertisements or gifts from a hamburger chain, but has anyone still wondered about the quality and taste of the meat? Rocha uses it for political reflection, but essentially it helps almost everything.

Why do we keep running and where are we going? If the pause and this temporary isolation leads to this kind of questioning, there is hope. This applies both on a personal and family level and for the world.

I suggest this exercise. Use part of the time of social distancing to ask yourself these two questions: What is important and how can you do it better for yourself, for your community and for the world. Write down your discoveries and invite your family to do so!

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