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The value of disobedience in the present

May 21, 2020

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The value of disobedience in the present
The value of disobedience in the present

When I joined the subject of the possibilities of this disorder that we are experiencing, in the past few days I have found various texts that have prompted me to enter the reasonable possibility of Disobedience as a solution.

Is it possible that divergence, disobedience and contradiction can give us the elements to find new methods of approximating existing economic models?

Several authors have analyzed the topic a lot and it is worth taking a look to understand what kind of disobedience we would refer to, and maybe after several reviews we could have a general outline of what we are creative disobedience to would have to call productive, perhaps to ask us whether this is possible and whether it could be helpful.

Erich Fromm in your text About disobedience shows that disobedience is allowed in every context of freedom, precisely because it includes it free thought and disagreeing with it would mean freedom of expression. In this way, the countries that allow citizens to exercise their freedom always have units that disobey because they simply do not agree with the requirements of the state.

To the FoucaultOn the other hand, power is given as an exercise of possibility, and therefore in a power relationship there is always someone who obeys, and if someone does not obey, they do not necessarily break the relationship, but they are likely to change it.

In this way we can understand that many of the structures that are given by the social context, politically or economically, when challenged, are simply subject to change.

On an individual level, it is much more interesting. If someone breaks the rules and this leads to innovation, for example, Power relationships change.

Every example within the technological innovation of the middle Ages could serve as an example; Against the same inquisition, the alchemists tried to continue their experiments to convert metal to gold. In the end, they were the great fathers of chemistry.

the same Leonardo da Vinci and the suspicion that it could have opened bodies to understand the mechanism of muscles in humans, and that this probably led to thousands of technical ideas and, of course, to a unique art in human history.

Galileo that ensured that it was the earth moving around the sun, and thus all or Almost every scientific advance in human history had this part of disobedience. Of course, all revolutions in the civilian area are carried out through civil disobedience; In short, the struggle of African Americans, independence.

The economic case in particular has the same element if we look closely. The industrial revolution It was a challenge for the physics itself that had been implemented up to that moment, and for the labor standards that had been imposed up to that moment. Sure, the reader has to think that Marx It has already been said that revolutions change the world, but they correspond not only to the class struggle but also to the struggle of ideas.

Interference in times of COVID-19

Let’s take the interruption of the moment as an example. With COVID-19 on our heels, we are nowhere near able to change the prevailing economic paradigm, and although it is not clear to me today what will happen in terms of the systems of ideas that will penetrate this gift if we know that everyone who spoke of an impending change in economic structure was right.

Most likely, there are still models today that we have no idea whether they exist or not, but which were and will be part of the economic disobedience of the moment before this moment to give direction to the world and its economic history.

Another important consideration, however, is the space this disobedience must take; when we consider that it is the one who supports technological progress and the revolutionary changes that give us direction as a species; and although it may seem strange, we need to know that there are countries that know that it exists and have even given it certain structures, knowing that the groups that often promote it are the ones that are in the moment the reins take over the reins of political, social and economic movements. mostly.

For example, the initiative was launched in 2011 We will exercise the right to rebellion It has an assembly structure that tries to focus on collaborative management processes inside and outside of Spain, the country where this group was born.

Economic disobedience

As part of this, an economic disobedience format was created to use tax resources to set up offices across the area. These are used to collect disobedience proposals to propose community support initiatives.

Perhaps, who knows, after this disruption, it will be institutionalized to become groups of proposals and innovations that, with even greater progress, can also lead to changes in political, ecological, social and economic paradigms.

Let us dare to be disobedient; creatively and productively disobedient, maybe it can help us to understand how we can face the new normal that is coming. In other words, disobedience as part of change is starting to take its place, and maybe it has good proposals for economic reorganization that we may not even be able to imagine.