The Valencian startup with blockchain infrastructure will be ranked in the National Competition of Young s 2020

The Institute for Youth (INJUVE) recently announced the winners of the 2020 National Young s Competition, held in Spain, where the Valencian company Blockchain Traceability was operatingturned out to be one of the winners of the competition. This is how Valencia Plaza made it known through its digital medium.

Pablo Rodrigo Juan, co-founder and CEO of the Valencian company Blockchain Traceability SL / Trazable, was one of the ten selected in the 2020 National ship Competition. This is carried out annually by the Institute for Youth (INJUVE) in order to support young people who lead innovative projects for already founded companies with a maximum of three years and at least one year, regardless of the industry they are promoting.

The National s Contest is specifically aimed at young people who are not older than 35 years until the deadline for submitting applications who are Spanish or who have a legal residence in Spain.

The Valencian startup with blockchain infrastructure will be ranked in the National Competition of Young s 2020
The Valencian startup with blockchain infrastructure will be ranked in the National Competition of Young s 2020

The ten selected projects are supported by the youth institute (INJUVE) with an economic contribution of 20,000 euros each. The purpose of this competition was to support the most innovative projects, so those projects that gave this innovative character were taken into account in their selection.

Likewise, the parameters that were taken into account for this selection focused on different industries, such as the innovation of the product offered itself, the novelty in the production and marketing process or in the innovative organization of the company. Competitor. The business model, the economic results, the innovative character of the project, the creation of jobs and the international perspective were also assessed.

The evaluation of the applications was carried out by an evaluation committee formed by the President Maravillas Espín Sáez, Director General for Self-Employment, Social Economy and CSR, and as members of María José Landaburu Carracedo, President of the Commission, Union of Autonomous UATAE; Manuel Mañas Baena, former Vice Rector for Innovation at the Complutense University of Madrid; Pampa García Molina, SINC coordinator, Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology; Paula Rivarés Almazán, State Director of the Red Youth Cross.

Information on blockchain traceability SL

Blockchain Traceability SL is a company that offers solutions to the challenges of the food industry with the implementation of new technologies. with which it is proposed to make supply chains transparent. It is also planned to become a benchmark in traceability software for the food industry in Europe and the world.

Award-winning projects

The ten projects that were selected to receive funding of 20,000 euros were:

AENIUM ENGINEERING SL; in his name Jonatan Rojo Nazabal.

JUNGLE VENTURES SL; on his behalf, Jordi Ferre Albiol.

INDEEP VISION SL; in his name Jordi Vallés Fluvía.

BLOCKCHAIN ​​TRACEABILITY SL; in his name Pablo Rodrigo Juan.

ANA ANGULO UMARAN ITXASO WIFE TERRADILLOS CB; on his behalf Itxaso Mrs. Terradillos.

STAMPY MAIL SL; in his name Francisco de Borja García Gorriti.



BOUNSEL SL; in his name Marcos Sanz Latorre.

IMPERIA SCM CONSULTING SL; in his name José Tomás Carrascoso López.

Blockchain boost in Spain

In Spain there are more and more drivers of blockchain technology. Event organizers focusing on blockchain technology, DLT and the cryptocurrency ecosystem have had to adapt to the new normal. to run the calendar of events that will make it possible to promote this technology and motivate new entrepreneurs to carry out their projects related to this technological disruption.

Recently, tech giant IBM offered its artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain platform to entrepreneurs through an agreement with Lanzadera, the incubator and accelerator of Juan Roig, president of Mercadona, in order to technologically boost new businesses emerging.

As mentioned in Cointelegraph, this agreement will allow new Spanish startups to learn new skills and benefit from the capabilities of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) available on the IBM Cloud.

On the other hand, on November 25th and 26th the second Crypto Economy Forum, organized by Crypto Plaza and aimed at independent professionals and entrepreneurs, took place.

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